Sunday, December 30, 2012

Former Friends - Highs and Lows

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

Check it out HERE

This band is a hardcore band from Cheltenham UK. One of the members, Matt is a follower of the blog who I have talked to recently. He told me they were recording some stuff and that i'd get first blog access to the music. These guys play a more melodic and heavy approach it sounds like to me, which I can definitely get into. Lots of passion! They are touring, and putting out a full EP soon(I think) Support these dudes 
-Jacob Rice

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flawless - Winter Tour Tape

Genre: Emo/Pop Punk/Post Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Eagleton
2. Take My Pride

These guys are probably the best local band from Springfield Missouri honestly. Extremely well written and thought out music. These two new songs trump over Something I'll Never Miss without even trying. So much more emotion, and you can feel how much they put into writing these songs. For Fans of Title Fight, Basement, and Merit. Its kind of hard to compare these guys to a lot of bands. They don't really sound identical to any of those.  But don't sleep on this, also these guys are going on tour soon. Catch them in your town soon, here is the tour listing. Please check this out. -Jacob Rice

Monday, December 24, 2012

Die Ignorant - Demo

Genre: Hardcore/Sludge/Crust/Grindcore
Year: 2012

1. Surrounded
2. Jesus Brake
3. Fever Dreams

These guys are from Sydney, Australia and they play a very demented and dirty sounding style of hardcore. Mixing many genres into the blend to give anyone who enjoys something out of the extreme genres a chance to enjoy it. Found these dudes from a forum, very good find. For Fans of: Trap Them, Converge, Nails, Black Breath. -Jacob Rice

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blackhole - Crostica

Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence/Crust
Year: 2012

1. Crostica

These guys are from Neosho, Missouri which is pretty much local in Springfield considering they play here a lot. Anyways, this is a song from their upcoming 7", and I thought I would post this to help get their name out there. These guys play a very heavy, fast, and abrasive style of hardcore. Always putting on a good show as well. Definitely check this song out then get Ledges when it comes out soon! -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BitterChupChupWeLose - Up Yours

Genre: Stoner/Doom/Sludge
Year: 2012

Check out the stream of this rad band here. Slinging out heavy as fuck riffs, and keeping the groove going forever. This stuff is catchy and rules. Not much to say about it, straight forward well done stuff that you should check out.

Collide and Discord - The Restrained

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. As I Breathe Water
2. Pachyderm
3. Crowns & Hypocrites
4. Unrestrained I.

Hardcore from Stuttgart Germany. These guys submitted their music to me just recently, and its a passionate/heavy style of hardcore. These guys play in the style of bands like The Carrier, Comeback Kid, and Dead Swans. Its very solid, great recording. Check this one out! -Jacob Rice

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lastletters - From Her and Here

Genre: Screamo/Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Moment of Separation
2. Present Passing
3. Away
4. The Future is Fading/The Past is Still Begging
5. Crushing Petals
6. Just Outside the Reach
7. I Don't Want to Lie Here Anymore

This is honestly one of my favorite releases i've heard this year. These guys submitted their music to me and I am so happy they did because I probably never would've heard of them. These guys are oozing with emotional content in their music. It will give you goosebumps. In my opinion I guess I could say they play similar to Pianos Become The Teeth, Loma Prieta, and The Saddest Landscape, But not really though because these guys are putting their own twist on it. I don't know, you just need to listen to it for yourself. Don't miss out on this one -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Benchpress-Stay Hated

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012
1. Hellbound
2. Out of My Mind
3. Better
4. Grudges
5. Misery
6. Stay Hated

You don't need to lift to be pit-swole. Benchpress going in.

Vice-Get Down, Stay Down

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012
1. Rat Race
2. Your Light
3. False Reality
4. Vice

Losin' It-Danger Zone

Genre: Hardcore/Youth Crew
Year: 2012
1. Danger Zone
2. Fuck Off
3. Glory Days
4. Check Your Head
5. Use It or Lose It

Florida Youth Crew in full effect.

The Itch-The Courage to be Hated

Genre: Punk
Year: 2006
1. Another Juxtaposition
2. Shotgun Bob
3.Attack of the Social Chameleons
4. Josephine
5. Rock and Roll Messiah
6. Likely Story
7. Einz, Zwei
8. This Time
9. Fuck Face
10. Makin' It
11. Three Legged
12. Kitty's Scream
13. Jim's Final Ride on the Night Train
14. Hearing Aid
15. Overcoming Geographical Disadvantages
16. Hitting Bottom
17. County Jail Blues
18. Rectification of the Valdroni

Eighteen song release from Missouri Rockabilly-Punk band The Itch. I play this album when I'm in the mood for pogo-moshing in my dorm. There's some pretty groovy tunes on this album so check it out if you're looking for songs to skank in Doc Martins to.

Bone Dance-Snakecharmers

Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Sludge

1. Dirge
2. Devil's Arithmetic
3. Birds Singing (Wolves Licking Blood)

Pure nihilism from Boise, Idaho. This band uses elements of technical metal, hardcore, and sludge in their debut EP Snakecharmers. Bone Dance's discography has been in heavy rotation for me recently and I fervently back anyone's decision to listen to them.  

Diversion - My Liberation

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Against The Void
2. Can't Hold Me Down
3. My Liberation
4. Right Here Right Now
5. Liberation

Hardcore band from Karlsruhe Germany. They submitted this to me not long ago. These guys play a pretty straight forward style of hardcore but can do it very well, and have it locked down. Their lyrics incorporate positive messages, and straight edge. Check these guys out! -Jacob Rice

Death Sentence - Demo

Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 2012

1. Memories
2. Dead to Me
3. Surrounded
4. Executed
5. Nothing Left
6. Track 6
7. Faded

Short little demo these guys from the Midwest put out. The recording of this demo is a little rough but keep in mind they are just starting out, but according to someone in the band they are working on new material and intend to record it soon with better quality. This is overall a solid release for a bands first effort, very heavy and very fast. Give this one a listen! -Jacob Rice

Illaroot Apparel

Illaroot Apparel is ran by a member of the band Reparation(Who I posted HERE a few months ago, great band). He emailed me about Illaroot so I checked it out. I'm not the most stylish person by any means but the design above is one of their designs and I think that looks pretty damn rad in itself. Very symmetrical, and simple but yet at the same time its at least something interesting. Also, I really like the artwork they have done on their designs. There are a few more designs you can check out on facebook, help this dude out!

Falter-Demo 2012

   Genre: Dark Hardcore/Crust
Year: 2012
1. Betray
2. Desolate
3. Sellout
4. Deaf
5. Possessed
6. Choke

Sweet submission from the Milwaukee band Falter. FFO Torch Runner/Oathbreaker. Definitely check it out.
-Tucker Ross

Thought Crime-Thought Crime

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012
2.Tread Lightly
3.Sick Of It
5.Cop Song

Hardcore outfit from Oklahoma. I'm pretty partial to Hardcore with political overtones, so my favorite tracks have to be "Tread Lightly" and "Cop Song." A good addition FFO The Rival Mob/Never Again.
-Tucker Ross

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jungle Juice-Involuntary Convulsions

Genre: Dark Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 2012

     If you've never heard Jungle Juice, then you should probably click here right now. This band from Little Rock, AR has continued to successfully meld cross-genre elements into their ruthless musical style. The band incorporates the fast breaks of modern Hardcore, as well as groovy Powerviolence riffs à la Man is the Bastard/Neanderthal. Earlier this year, they released a music video for their single "Constant Decay," which appears on this album. 

     Involuntary Convulsions is a pretty pleasing album from the perspective of any fan of Hardcore and similar sub-genres. For returning fans, Jungle Juice's trademark sound hasn't changed whatsoever since Bastard Sessions and other earlier works. For new listeners, Involuntary Convulsions features some of the most hammering and relentless songs the band has recorded to date. Some highlights of the album include a re-recorded version of "Blind" as well as the previously mentioned "Constant Decay." My personal favorite track is "Womb of Medusa," which acts as a brutal crescendo to the album precluded by the acoustic riffs of "Refractions." The rest of the album is pretty much standard Jungle Juice fare: fast, angry songs punctuated by Powerviolence-esque tempo changes. In summary, the album displays some new songs, while retaining the chaotic style that Jungle Juice put forth when they first emerged in 2010.

    Jungle Juice will be on tour in early 2013 with Modern Pain and Afflictive Nature. As well as releasing copies of Involuntary Convulsions on vinyl and cassette mediums through Give Praise Records & Ourblock Distro respectively. Definitely look out for these guys and give this album a listen until you can buy a physical copy.
-Tucker Ross

Budd Dwyer-S/T

Genre: Powerviolence/Grindcore
Year: 2012

1. Aiokigahara
2.Denying God's Plan
3.Waking Up From A Failed Suicide
4.No Escape
5.Stagnant Presence
6.Learning Things The Hard Way
7.Shameless Fraud
8. Ostricized
9.Living Forever
10.Waking Up (...again)

Grind from New Brunswick/New Jersey. FFO Pig Destroyer, Insect Warfare.
-Tucker Ross


Genre: Hardcore

I don't usually hear the term "Hardcore supergroup," but if there was such a thing it would be Spine. Featuring members of Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way, Sorry Excuse, & Kicked In, Spine has been tearing it up for the latter part of 2012. The band has a rhythm that would make you think they were playing contemporary Youth-Crew, but Antonio Marquez' grinding vocals give the EP a jolt of unharnessed aggression. You would be missing out if you didn't give this album a listen.
-Tucker Ross 

No Master-EP

                                                          Get It
                                                   1.Burning spirit
                                                   2.Natural selection
                                                   3.Self righteous termination
                                                   7.Ruthless future

Unrelenting release from Kansas City's No Master. The album reminded me of a sound reminiscent of some older Punk/Grind bands like Capitalist Casualties or Toxic Narcotic. Definitely worth a download.
                                                         -Tucker Ross

Men As Witches-Self Titled

Genre: Doom/Sludge/Powerviolence/Grindcore
Year: 2012

It's a little bit difficult to classify the genre of this drum-and-bass duo from Chicago. The alternating tempos of Powerviolence, the hellish vocals of Grindcore, the deathly-slow paced refrains of Doom or Sludge. All of these elements are present in this band's 2012 S/T EP. Men As Witches has dropped two other releases this year, so be sure to check those out if this album tickles your fancy.
 -Tucker Ross

Bastard Deceiver-Normal Life Provides Nothing

Genre: Powerviolence/Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Victimized Forever
2. Future Visions
3. Sick Nature
4. Normal Life?
5. The Void

I saw this band last night at the Bad Haus in Kansas City. Super-impressed. Relentless grinds from Tampa, FL. This band is also female-fronted (think Katherine Katz from Agoraphobic Nosebleed.) This album is their most current and is an excellent addition to the collection of any fan of Weekend Nachos-esque grindcore-hybrid bands.
  -Tucker Ross

Monday, December 10, 2012

Machinist! - Black List

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Keys
2. Of My Tongue
3. Tusk and Teeth
4. Teen Wolf
5. Prayed Upon

Get it! (soon)

Alright, i'm going to go ahead and say this early in the mini write up, this EP rules and everyone should just go ahead and download it. This EP is short and sweet, but anything but sweet because these guys play a nasty aggressive style of hardcore that I love. Crunchy guitars, pissed off vocals, and pounding drums. As well as very subtle hints of Thrash and Powerviolence. But honestly, the best part is probably the very truthful lyrics in this stuff, you can tell they are definitely very real. Do not pass this one up, DOWNLOAD THIS -Jacob Rice

Total Drowning - Drone, Doom, and Black Metal Compilation

Looking for something dark, evil, and atmospheric? Well this compilation is perfect, ranging from plenty of new to old bands of Drone, Doom, and Black Metal this compilation is perfect. Very talented bands. The bands featured on this compilation are; i AM esper, Wyrm, Outer Nothingness, SOL, Ainshval, and Omar Garita. I definitely advise giving this thing some attention!

-Jacob Rice

Saturday, December 8, 2012

American Memories - EP

Genre: Screamo/Emo
Year: 2012

1. Free Big D
2. Ghost Town
3. Bridges
4. Driving All Night
5. Empty Houses

I posted these guys Live Demo about a month ago and it was very solid, well these guys got some actual DIY recording they did themselves and it is fucking awesome. Still just as alive and full of emotion as it was on the Live Demo. Very smart, and well written lyrics on this thing. I definitely enjoy this release. I will be listening to this one a lot. Please give this your attention -Jacob Rice

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gatherer - Postcards

Genre: Post Hardcore/Hardcore/Screamo
Year: 2012

1. Wedding Bells
2. Postcards
3. Jones Beach
4. Brittle Bones

As I was curiously searching over Bandcamp I found this fantastic band. These guys play a very emotional filled style of hardcore, very brimming to be Screamo. With heart filled personal lyrics this stuff is very well written and you can relate to this. Lots of fantastic instrument work on here too, as I said before very screamo like. Definitely check this one out, well worth your time -Jacob Rice

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Malon - Reverie

Genre: Screamo/Emo/Twinkle
Year: 2012

1. Happy People
2. Under a Red Sky
3. Your Invitation
4. Chrysanthemum Sonata
5. Magnolia Cacophony
6. Orchid Requiem
7. In Life Or In Reverie

Emo/Screamo band from San Diego. These guys combine the clean noodly twinkly parts of emo while still bringing the aggression and unclean parts of screamo. BUT, at times they combine the noodly parts with the aggressive screamo vocals. Its a good combination, I know thats been done before probably plenty of times but these guys do it very well. These guys aren't lacking in any departments, very good stuff right here. Very emotional, definitely enough to give you them feels. I highly advise checking these guys out.
-Jacob Rice

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ruin - End of the Rope

Genre: Hardcore/Dark Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Intro
2.  DHDE
3. End of the Rope
4. Seven Sorrows

Very heavy and angry hardcore band from Cleveland! With every second of these songs just oozing with aggression, this stuff is enjoyable just for that reason alone but the music that accompanies it is just as nice. Mixing a style of what seems like to me is a bit of hardstyle and some of the newer darker hardcore a lot of bands are doing. Definitely easy to get down to. Check it out! -Jacob Rice

Thursday, November 29, 2012

MurkDaddyFlex - First Compilation

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap/Instrumental
Year: 2012

This dude submitted his stuff to me, I know I usually don't post stuff like this but I actually am a lot into hip hop and rap. This is an instrumental project and from what i'm hearing the beats are a jazzy inspired sound like how A Tribe Called Quest has done. This stuff is very good for sure. If you're into instrumental hip hop or just hip hop at all, and maybe even just relaxing music! Check this one out for sure -Jacob Rice

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hollow Truth - The Earth Shook

Genre: Hardcore/Thrash/Crossover
Year: 2012

2. He Who Shook The Earth
3. The Sisters of Fate
4. Terrible Winds

Awesome band from Dublin. These dudes play a hybrid of hardcore and thrash in the vein of bands like Take Offense, Power Trip and Suicidal Tendencies. Ripping out some badass thrash riffs while still keeping the mentality and the heaviness of the hardcore. These guys fuse this well and should definitely be given a listen. -Jacob Rice

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Forced - Accursed Share

Genre: Hardcore/Black Metal/Doom
Year: 2012

1. Accursed Share
2. At Empire's End
3. Lost Life
4. Devours Everything
5. Partitioning the Sensible

Great band from Brooklyn. These guys play a very angry and abrasive style of blackened hardcore. These guys also throw in some crushing and heavy as shit doom riffs every once in a while to give a good refreshing feel from the hardcore and black metal. These guys are for fans of bands like Converge, Hooded Menace, Vastum, Mammoth Grinder, and Craft. Definitely give these guys a listen! -Jacob Rice

Secret Plot to Destroy the Universe - I Only Miss You When I Want To

Genre: Emo/Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Monocacy
2. 1991
3. Tri-Lateral Commission 
4. Aimless
5. Mimosa Lane
6. Seven
7. Tips for Staying Sweet...
8. The Montauk Project
9. I Only Miss You When I Want To

Awesome band from PA. These guys play what seems like a more aggressive style of music like The Appleseed Cast and Moving Mountains. As well as sounding like bands like Brand New and Pianos Become the Teeth. This stuff is pretty solid, has its sad soft parts, and its heavy soft parts. Either way this stuff is pretty sad, which I like so what could go wrong! Well written stuff, check it out! -Jacob Rice

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brutality Will Prevail - Scatter the Ashes

Genre: Hardcore/Sludge/Down Tempo
Year: 2012

1. Lifelines
2. Sins of Commitment
3. Casket
4. Second Sight
5. 1348
6. The Path
7. Hallucination
8. Fallen Apart
9. Twisting Tongues
10. Scatter the Ashes

This is one of my favorite bands in hardcore right now, if not my favorite. These guys bring such a ambient and evil feeling on every single one of their albums. It literally makes me get goosebumps when I listen to their songs. I wasn't sure how they were going to top Sleep Paralysis but my god. They some how did. This release is a masterpiece to me. It has everything I need. Please check this out and support these guys.
-Jacob Rice

Drowning - Prey for Me

Genre: Down-Tempo/Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. 13 Families ft. Tito Fury
2. Burn for Eternity 
3. Living Dead ft. Romel Pinnix/Baer Coon the Ewok
4. Misconception ft. Nick Arthu - Tyler Tumminaro
5. Plagued Minds ft. Damien Basham
6. The New World ft. Edub

Chicago Beat-Down. These guys are quite possibly one of the heaviest beat-down bands i've ever heard. I really like this genre, have a sweet spot for it. These dudes definitely fulfill it. Heavy, angry, and in your face. You should definitely check this out. Mosh. -Jacob Rice

Ted's Approval - Red Dream

Genre: Hardcore/Post Hardcore/Screamo
Year: 2012

1. Burn and Rage
2. Samantha
3. Golden Gate
4. Barry Bonds
5. Children in Churches
6. Enredadera

Band from Santa Cruz, CA. These guys play a very emotive style of hardcore even getting very close to being screamo. With dark and emotional lyrics is what really made this band what they are to me. They are so deep and you can tell how much meaning was put into the words. The music itself is as well very emotional filled. Very skramzy riffs with emotion filled vocals. I love this release. You should to. 
-Jacob Rice

Light It Up - Dog Days

These dudes are streaming their new EP on their bandcamp and this stuff is great. They play a darker style of hardcore and definitely bringing the mosh. If you are a fan of bands like Backtrack, Expire, and other bands in that style You will absolutely love this stuff. Heavy and angry. It is set to be up for download sometime around next year.

Check out the stream HERE.

-Jacob Rice

Lucifer the Lightbearer - Demo 2012

Genre: Down-Tempo/Hardcore/Sludge
Year: 2012

1. Infant View
2. Hindsight
3. Mouches Volantes
4. Interlude
5. Also-Ran

Okay, this band fucking rules. They take some pointers from Brutality Will Prevail for sure. Heavy as fuck, while at the same time being so melodic that it just sends shivers down your spine. You know those slow haunting guitar parts that Brutality Will Prevail does? Yeah those are in this and these dudes fucking pull it off perfectly. This band is just so rad, they even throw in some damn sludge/doom parts. Like in Hindsight, and Mouches Volantes there are parts in the song that literally sound like Sleep. I love this stuff. Mosh. 
-Jacob Rice

Wasted Struggle - Guillotines

Genre: Hardcore/Crust/Black Metal
Year: 2012

1. Force Me to Align
2. ...Of the Last Day
3. Behold the Lights
4. Disgraceful
5. The Shield
6. Wounded Servant

Great band from Budapest! These guys play a style of hardcore heavily fused with black metal. With the sheer energy and chaoticness of hardcore combined with the grindingly fast and haunting riffs and melodies from black metal. The vocals on this remind me of a combination of Black Breath/Cursed. While the instruments remind me of Converge/Pulling Teeth/The Secret. These guys are for fans of all of the bands I listed above. Definitely check this one out. -Jacob Rice

Worldwide Powerviolence

Everybody should check out this rad powerviolence compilation that was submitted to me recently. It has a lot of cool bands from all around the world, all 20 bands that are on the compilation are EXTORTION, Water Torture, SKUFF, Damaged Goods, Super Mutant, Moral Panic, Gets Worse, Mangle, Haunted Ground, War Trauma, Mean and Ugly, Revengeance, Haruka, Frank Grimes, 466/64, World Nercosis, WTCHDR, Henry Fonda, Poda Pa. Very solid lineup if I must say so myself. I checked it out and enjoyed every second of it. 

Here is some other info about the comp!
  • $10 For a Special Edition Tape/Poster/Photo Zine (Purple Cover) (price includes shipping)
  • $7 For a Tape and Poster (Black Cover) (price includes shipping)
  • All 240 tapes were individually hand made and numbered but only 85will be sold online. First come first serve. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Old Rules - Sad Songs

Genre: Emo/Punk/Indie
Year: 2012

1. Acquaintances
2. Dwell
3. Stagnant

Emo band from Ottawa. These guys play some heart filled music. The vocals honestly remind me of Snowing, and the music is more of a Basement feel. You guys know how I feel about emo, and if that I approve of it its probably going to be some solid stuff! Very catchy stuff here. Check it out, please!
-Jacob Rice

Barlow - Vol. 2

Genre: Dark Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 2012

1. Intro
2. Death Rattle
3. Severed Ties
4. Chained/Vain
5. Harbour

Another release from these dudes from Nova Scotia. Playing an even more angry and dark version of hardcore than last time, this is a punishing and relentless release from these guys. Like I said on the other post. I really get a Converge vibe from the instrumental work. These dudes rule. Anyone who likes hardcore or crust or just any sort of extreme genre should check these guys out. Also whoever does the art work draws some badass dark looking shit. -Jacob Rice

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Old Gray - Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To

Genre: Screamo/Emo
Year: 2012

1. 359 Pine
2. Resonance
3. Winter '11
4. Six Years

Fantastic band from New Hampshire. One of my favorite bands in the genre actually, or just really one of my favorite bands in general. On this new release they skewed away from their old twinkly days which is fine with me. I love both styles that they did now and what they are doing now. What they are doing now is more of a brash loud emotional, more of a skramzy sound than an emo sound, which they do very well. They stuck with the poetic lyrics which is nice. I really enjoy this band. I can't wait till their next effort or a full length. Also this was a submission, so I kind of shit a brick when that happened.
-Jacob Rice

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kato - Came With Nothing / Left With Nothing

Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Post Rock/Noise Rock/A lot of stuff
Year: 2012

1. The Room
2. 2:37
3. Walking Out
4. I Will Repeat My Mistakes
5. Came With Nothing (Left With Nothing)

I'm not sure what these dudes are but fuck its awesome. They play a noisy fusion of just seems like so many genres. Brooding out these angry and emotional as fuck songs I can't see why someone wouldn't like this. These guys are definitely bringing something new to the table which is always nice to see. I highly recommend checking out this. -Jacob Rice

Vapo-Rats - Mischief

Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Year: 2012

1. Mischief
2. Useless Generation
3. 2 Kewl 4 Skewl
4. Teenage Alcoholics
5. Bitch
6. Thanks, but, No Thanks
7. (Interlude)
8. Sexecution (Feat. Norman Atomic)
9. I Like To Support My Local Punk Rock Scene
10. Panic Room
11. Brain Cell
12. Bendy
13. Fat America

Old school Hardcore Punk band from New Orleans. These guys have the mentality of a punk band for sure and the majority of the music definitely is punk, but I hear a lot of recent hardcore influences as well. Like I think a lot of this stuff sounds like the band Paint It Black which I have no problem with because I love that band. But nonetheless these guys are definitely whipping out some old school punk. -Jacob Rice