Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lucifer the Lightbearer - Demo 2012

Genre: Down-Tempo/Hardcore/Sludge
Year: 2012

1. Infant View
2. Hindsight
3. Mouches Volantes
4. Interlude
5. Also-Ran

Okay, this band fucking rules. They take some pointers from Brutality Will Prevail for sure. Heavy as fuck, while at the same time being so melodic that it just sends shivers down your spine. You know those slow haunting guitar parts that Brutality Will Prevail does? Yeah those are in this and these dudes fucking pull it off perfectly. This band is just so rad, they even throw in some damn sludge/doom parts. Like in Hindsight, and Mouches Volantes there are parts in the song that literally sound like Sleep. I love this stuff. Mosh. 
-Jacob Rice


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