Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kato - Buried With The Rain

Genre: Hardcore/Sludge/Post Rock
Year: 2013

1. Yet His Shadow Still Looms
2. And All of the Rats Gather
3. Dust of Earth

Sometime last year I reviewed this bands first release named Came With Nothing / Left With Nothing and it was and still is one of my favorite submissions. This is their new release and let me tell you, this one is quite a project. The first song on this "Yet His Shadow Still Looms" begins with a cacophony of guitar distortion, feedback, brown note bass work, and the drummer pretty much just smashing his kit. This slowly turns into a haunting and eerie interlude part with clean guitar and finally it kicks back into the dissonance again but this time with some ear splitting vocals just to top off this wonderful track. Which honestly starts out this album as perfect as it can get and pretty much shows you what you're in for for the rest of the album.

We move on to the second track named "And All of the Rats Gather". It starts with a creepy sounding wind tunnel like noise that the guitarist is pulling off and there is a quote playing by Robert Oppenheimer which adds a certain feel of hopelessness to this track. This track also ventures into more of a hardcore feel. With riffs sounding like they came from Converge and pounding floor toms all over this track. This is a mean track.

Last but not least is the track "Dust of Earth". To me this tracks puts off a feel of just being alone all by yourself on Earth. Packed full of melodic guitar parts and standalone vocals this ends up being my favorite tracks of all on this record. This song really brings out the whole post-rock/post-metal feel. The riff near the end of this track is just fucking awesome as well by the way. 

This band honestly needs more attention and doesn't get enough credit for how awesome and creative of music they are releasing. So please give this one a chance.

-Jacob Rice