Tuesday, June 7, 2016

AMYGDALA - Population Control

year: 2016
genre: hardcore/emo-violence

1. Rose Buds
2. Punkerxs Del Barrio
3. Apathetic Psychoanalysis
4. These Men Arn't Sorry
5. We Are The Resistance 
6. Healing In A World Where We Don't Exist
7. Wandering Eyes
8. Population Control II
9. Abandon All Patriarchy 
10. Counteractive Activist

physical release: 
format: 12"
React With Protest (germany) 
Mosh Potatoes DIY (Belgium)
Structures//Agony Records, 
Middleman records, 
Ozona records 
Citizen of the world recordings. 

the 12" debut of Anarcho hardcore/screamo band Amygdala "Population Control" delivers visceral tracks about CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE/ PATRIARCHY/INNER MISOGYNY/COLORISM. This is definitely one of the most important punk albums of recent memory.