Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jungle Juice-Involuntary Convulsions

Genre: Dark Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 2012

     If you've never heard Jungle Juice, then you should probably click here right now. This band from Little Rock, AR has continued to successfully meld cross-genre elements into their ruthless musical style. The band incorporates the fast breaks of modern Hardcore, as well as groovy Powerviolence riffs à la Man is the Bastard/Neanderthal. Earlier this year, they released a music video for their single "Constant Decay," which appears on this album. 

     Involuntary Convulsions is a pretty pleasing album from the perspective of any fan of Hardcore and similar sub-genres. For returning fans, Jungle Juice's trademark sound hasn't changed whatsoever since Bastard Sessions and other earlier works. For new listeners, Involuntary Convulsions features some of the most hammering and relentless songs the band has recorded to date. Some highlights of the album include a re-recorded version of "Blind" as well as the previously mentioned "Constant Decay." My personal favorite track is "Womb of Medusa," which acts as a brutal crescendo to the album precluded by the acoustic riffs of "Refractions." The rest of the album is pretty much standard Jungle Juice fare: fast, angry songs punctuated by Powerviolence-esque tempo changes. In summary, the album displays some new songs, while retaining the chaotic style that Jungle Juice put forth when they first emerged in 2010.

    Jungle Juice will be on tour in early 2013 with Modern Pain and Afflictive Nature. As well as releasing copies of Involuntary Convulsions on vinyl and cassette mediums through Give Praise Records & Ourblock Distro respectively. Definitely look out for these guys and give this album a listen until you can buy a physical copy.
-Tucker Ross

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