Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Itch-The Courage to be Hated

Genre: Punk
Year: 2006
1. Another Juxtaposition
2. Shotgun Bob
3.Attack of the Social Chameleons
4. Josephine
5. Rock and Roll Messiah
6. Likely Story
7. Einz, Zwei
8. This Time
9. Fuck Face
10. Makin' It
11. Three Legged
12. Kitty's Scream
13. Jim's Final Ride on the Night Train
14. Hearing Aid
15. Overcoming Geographical Disadvantages
16. Hitting Bottom
17. County Jail Blues
18. Rectification of the Valdroni

Eighteen song release from Missouri Rockabilly-Punk band The Itch. I play this album when I'm in the mood for pogo-moshing in my dorm. There's some pretty groovy tunes on this album so check it out if you're looking for songs to skank in Doc Martins to.

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