Thursday, November 22, 2018

Mineva/Brunettes split (Mineva Side)

Year: 2017
Genre: Emo/Hardcore


1. Cassowary
2. Dereliction

5 piece emo band from Connecticut. One of the members of this band I had previously posted his old band Milkshakes. This album is a building of poetic lyrics and chaotic instruments only to complete the explode on the second song on this split. I really wish I could hear a couple more songs of this style from them but it will leave me more than satisfied for now. Please check this one out - Jacob

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Perfect World - Demo 2018

Year: 2018
Genre: Hardcore/Punk
1. Explaining Myself
2. Reaching Out
3. Push
4. Breaking News

New demo from Brooklyn based Perfect World has a classic hardcore sound and is recorded  with perfect sound. Excited to see them play this year!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Starving The South - Suckin' Marrow Demo

Year: 2018
Genre: Hardcore/Southern Rock

1. Suckin' Marrow

Saw these guys live a couple days ago with Norma Jean, they are a local band from Branson MO. They put on a really great set, very groove heavy. If you're into southern style hardcore like Everytime I Die, Norma Jean, And even a little hint of Sabertooth Zombie give these guys a listen and support them and throw them a few bucks for the demo - Jacob

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

SeeYouSpaceCowboy/secondgradeknifefight Split 7"

Year: 2018
Genre: Metalcore/Grind

Listen here:



1. I Am A Trans-Continental Railroad, Please Run A Train On Me
2. Stop Calling Us Screamo
3. You Don't Understand The Liquor Is Calling The Shots Now Randy Bobandy
4. You Can't Get Goose Justice In A Fox Court, Just Spit On The Judge


1. Who what when where why did you take my bug collection (there’s no trust in this household)
2. don’t tell me you like monster energy drinks because I’ll break your kneecaps motherfucker (Tanya Harding shuffle)
3. My heart is broken but I gotta get my jetta fixed asap (no time for tom foolery)
4. glass vampires roam these darkened woods fellas (protek ya nek)
5. the devil is real and he tried to eat my ass (goodbye uncle fuck)