Friday, May 16, 2014

Meryl Streaker - Sky Burial

genre: Screamo/emo-violence

year: 2014

1. A Mile In Ed Gein's Skin Shoes
2. My Ishmael
3. Transposed Skeletal Rebirth
4. I Want To Die Wondering
5. Insignificant Steps and Shallow Breath

New album from Meryl Streaker who will be going on a west coast tour with Nayru in July.Dark  screamy stuff

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bear Creek - Sickly

genre: Lo-fi/ emo
year : 2014
1. yrs
2. bite me
3. dingus
4. april 22
5. recently deceased
6. asleep
7. breaking mirrors

Bear Creek is back once again. Deciding to take a break from dark trap project Yung Baer $quad Erik has made "Sickly". This album will allow you to bob your head more and has a more depressingly upbeat feel. But don't worry there is still sadness in droves. With tracks like and classic Bear Creek spacey dreamy feel such as the ambient creepy "april 22" and the gentle piano to dreamy fest that is known as recently deceased" actually the whole second half of album take a turn into the more slow dreary territory, this is my personal favorite part of the album ending with a throwback to the sound in "Listen To This With Your Eyes Closed". Overall different in some aspects the same in other, but good none the less.

-Conner Sgarbossa

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gauth/Bahia split

genre: Screamo

year: 2014 

1. Gauth - Apart
2. Gauth - II
3. Gauth - Buried
4. Bahia - Escenario?
5. Bahia - vengo de comulgar y estoy en extasis
6. Bahia - el ultimo dia de vacaciones

This is a rad split form two screamo bands, Gauth brings a more melodic sound to the table with strained screams almost reminding me of IWACIYYB. While Bahia brings a more emo-violency sound with instrumentals similiar to Jeromes Dream. Awesome split that i highly recommend.