Friday, August 31, 2012

How We Are - s/t EP

Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Year: 2005

1. Diagnosed
2.The Search
3.Open Up
5.Damage Control
6. The Truth In Fucking Up

Get It!

How We Are are a now defunct melodic hardcore band from Rochester NY. They put out a self titled ep (above), A split with the Syracuse, Ny band Black SS, and one full length record called "To Teach A Hundred." After a final show in a friends fathers auto body garage in 2007, the band called it quits. Members went on to be in bands like Devotion, Not Sorry, Achilles, Soul Control, and ill say Polar Bear Club, since Chris Browne played drums for them for a little while.
How We Are, by far, are one of my favorite bands. Im posting the EP as my first post on the blog here. If anyone is interested in the rest of their material, feel free to let me know!
-Jared Johnson

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cro-Mags - The Age Of Quarrel

Genre: Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 1986

1. We Gotta Go
2. World Peace
3. Show No Mercy
4. Malfunction
5. Street Justice
6. Survival Of The Streets
7. Seekers Of The Truth
8. It's The Limit
9. Hard Times
10. By Myself
11. Don't Tread On Me
12. Face The Facts
13. Do Unto Others
14. Life On My Own
15. Signs Of The Times
16. You'd Be The Death Of Me (Demo Version)
17. When Push Comes To Shove (Demo Version)
18. Hard Times (Demo Version)

One of the earlier most well known Crossover bands (DRI probably being the first and most well known). This is their first full length, which in my opinion is their best and one of the more revolutionary albums of the hardcore genre. I'm sure most people have heard of them but haven't checked them out or if you just don't know about them at all, definitely check them out because this one is worth having. Its just a perfect mixture of thrash and hardcore. Pretty straight forward lyrical content, but still good. Anyways, get this one its a classic. 
-Jacob Rice

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Genre: Punk
Year: 2010

1. Rain Down
2. Edge of Living
3. Breathe Out
4. Real Mean
5. Cut the Cord
6. Grandma
7. Life and Death
8. Animal Hands
9. Cold in your Bones
10. Pause
11. Breathe In
12. Change on Me

Pretty solid just straight forward punk band, glad to see people are still doing this sound. One of my friends Sandra asked me to upload this so i'm doing it! We uploaded Joester Sessions I think like a month or two ago so if you enjoyed that check this one out!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb The Universe

Genre: Screamo/Emo
Year: 2011

1. Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth
2.  Dying Leaves
3. City Orchards
4. Instrumental

One of my favorite releases of 2011, this thing is jampacked with emotional poetry like lyrics accompanied by just beautiful instrumentation. I can't say much about this, you just have to listen to get the full feeling of it. If you like this go to their bandcamp and support them! Enjoy! -Jacob Rice

Friday, August 24, 2012

Twitching Tongues - Preacher Man

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Preacher Man
2. Feed Your Disease
3. At The Gallows End (Candlemass Cover)

This brand new EP is just perfect. These guys seem to never disappoint. This thing is pretty god damn heavy. But in my opinion the best part on this is that Candlemass cover, its so rad that they covered one of the best doom bands out there. It made me earn more respect than I already had for these guys. Check this one out for sure. -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kvelertak - Kvelertak

Genre: Hardcore/Black Metal/Rock/I DONT KNOW THEY ARE A LOT
Year: 2010

1. Ulvetid
2. Mjød
3. Fossegrim
4. Blodtørst
5. Offernatt
6. Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer)
7. Sultans of Satan
8. Nekroskop
9. Liktorn
10. Ordsmedar Av Rang
11. Utrydd Dei Svake

This band is not able to be put into words what they are. They are from Norway, obviously from the track listing. They are so many genres thrown into one, its crazy but so damn good. Also these dudes throw out some super catchy and groovy riffs. Also the artwork is rad, its the same dude who did the artwork for Baroness, Cursed, and a shit ton of other bands. I would advise trying this one out. -Jacob Rice

Monday, August 20, 2012

Paul Baribeau

Genre: Folk Punk
Year: 2004

1. Tablecloth
2. I Thought I Could Find You
3. Only Babies Cry
4. Strawberry
5. Boys Like Me
6. I Miss That Band
7. Brown Brown Brown
8. Never Get To Know
9. Jordan
10. When You Go Back To College
11. Blue Eyes
12. The Pier
13. Help A Kid Out
14. Things I Don't Do

This is one of my favorite folk punk releases of all time as well as one of the saddest releases i've ever heard in my life. The song Never Get To Know will literally bring you to tears. Its just a dude with a gnarly beard and his guitar telling stories about his life. This is pretty easy to get into so I hope that everyone gives this one a listen. -Jacob Rice

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook - Discography

Genre: Screamo
Year: 2005-2010

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7
8. 8
9. 9 
10. 10
11. 11
12. 12
13. 13
14. 14
15. 15
16. 16
17. 17
18. 18
19. 19
20. 20
21. Chop Chop, Goodbye

One of the best Screamo bands to date in my opinion. They arrived a bit late to the whole screamo scene coming out in sometime around 2000-2005. They are much more violent than some of the older screamo bands like I Hate Myself. I would advise trying this one if you are new to the genre and trying to find the best of the best! Also, few people have been asking for more Screamo so here you go! Also, if you like this too, you can be my best friend -Jacob Rice

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Backtrack - Deal With The Devil

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2009

1. Retrace The Lines
2. Welcome To The Pound
3. The Roots Of Evil
4. Organized Crimes
5. Deal With The Devil
6. Drawn Back To Misery

Just download it. Just as good as Darker Half. -Tanner Caruthers

Trapped Under Ice - 2007 Demo

Genre: Hardcore/Hardstyle
Year: 2007

1. Soul Vice
2. Reality Unfolds
3. Evelyn
4. Unfinished Business
5. Heavy Thoughts

Older TUI stuff. I like this version of Reality Unfolds better, personally. -Tanner Caruthers

Orchid - Chaos Is Me

Genre: Screamo/Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 1999

1. Le Desorde C'est Moi
2. Aesthetic Diabetic
3. In G and E
4. New Jersey vs. Valhalla
5. Weekend at the Fire Academy
6. Framecode
7. The Action Index
8. Death of a Modernist
9. Boy with No Arms
10. Invasion U.S.A.
11. Epilogue of a Car Crash

One of the biggest screamo bands to come out of that scene. In my opinion this is my favorite release from them. This album is just so god damn good. Its just genius. Its probably not the most approachable band from the genre but please do give this one a change. I think even people who listen to hardcore could give this a chance because it gets pretty god damn fast when it has its powerviolence parts. Be my best friend and listen to more screamo please? -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beware - Won't Get The Best Of Me

Genre: Hardcore/Youth Crew
Year: 2012

1. When It Comes Around
2. Where Did I Go Wrong
3. Never Meant
4. Changing Face
5. All I Need
6. Cross My Mind

Get it!

This band is going to blow up. In my opinion, they are one of the best "newer" hardcore bands right now. Bob from Mother Of Mercy (one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time) does vocals in this band. This is solid youth crew for sure. Worth the download. -Tanner Caruthers

CodexRed - S/T

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Live Dangerously
2. Moving Forward
3. Bliss
4. Never Again
5. Free From These Chains 

I would definitely get this. The guys are really nice, and the music is good. I also believe they share members with The Mongoloids. Check it out. -Tanner Caruthers

Gorilla Biscuits

Album: Gorilla Biscuits
Genre: Hardcore
Year: 1988

1. High Hopes
2. Big Mouth
3. No Reason Why
4. GM2
5. Hold Your Ground
6. Breaking Free
7. Finish What You Started
8. Sitting Around At Home
9. Biscuit Power
10. Short End Of The Stick
11. Hold Your Ground 2
12. GM1

Album: Start Today
Year: 1989

1. New Direction
2. Stand Still
3. Degradation
4. Good Intentions
5. Forgotten
6. Things We Say
7. Start Today
8. Two Sides
9. First Failure
10. Competition
11. Time Flies
12. Cats and Dogs
13. Sitting Round At Home
14. Biscuit Power

Album: Reunion 7"
Year: 2006

1. At The Matinee
2. Knee Deep In The Ocean Of Hate

Honestly one of my favorite New York hardcore bands to ever exist. This stuff is so classic, so catchy, and just so great. If you consider yourself a lover of hardcore and you don't have this you are missing a necessity to complete your collection. Please check this out and i'll be your best friend. -Jacob Rice

Gypsy - Giant's Despair

Genre: Emo/Indie/Punk/Post Hardcore/I have no fucking clue (Listen for yourself and decide)
Year: 2012

1. Sleep Well
2. Cherry Picker
3. Dear Sister
4. I Know Who You Are
5. Selfish Blues
6. (Non) Fiction
7. Unconditionally Dependent
8. Count Your Blessings
9. Stuck
10. All Along

So this is a really interesting band. They share members with Cold World, Bad Seed, Blacklisted, and Let Down. I think they sound a lot like a super modern Jawbreaker, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. This album has made it's way into my regular rotation recently, it's a great listen. -Tanner Caruthers

Homewrecker - Worms And Dirt

Genre: Hardcore/Dark Hardcore
Year: 2012

2. Worms And Dirt
3. Baseborn
4. Visions Of Terror
5. Chained Hanging Victim
6. Pipe Dreams
7. Eyes Of Anguish
8. Charlatan
9. Beaten Freedom

Another one of my favorite releases of 2012 so far. The album is pretty short (Around 26 minutes) but every song is awesome. Check this one out, you don't want to sleep on this. -Tanner Caruthers

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Night Terror - Winter

Genre: Hardcore/Dark Hardcore/Sludge
Year: 2012

1. Compression//Decompression
2. Abyss
3. Suffer
4. Spoiled
5. Atonement

A sweet band from Rochester, NY for all you dark hardcore fans. In the vein of Full Of Hell and Cursed. One of the better submissions I've listened to. If you like it, go to their bandcamp and buy it from them legitimately. It's always cool to support bands. Check it. -Tanner Caruthers

Harness - Victim Of Suffering

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Decline
2. The Agonies Of Death
3. Scorched Earth
4. Fragmented Flesh

One of the best releases I've heard this year, definitely something you want to get into. I can't get enough of this band. Excited to see them at Gateway To The West Fest this year. You'll definitely be hearing a lot from this band in the future. -Tanner Caruthers

Xibalba - Hasta La Muerte

Genre: Hardcore/Crust/Sludge/So Many Things
Year: 2012

1. No Serenity
2. Soledad
3. Laid to Rest
4. Burn
5. Sentenced
6. The Flood
7. Hasta La Muerte
8. Mala Mujer
9. Stoneheart
10. Lujuria
11. Cold

This album lived up to my expectations. It is so heavy, my god. I don't know how I can love Xibalba much more. It is so perfect. It is filled with the some of the sludgiest most angry hardcore i've ever heard. You seriously need to check Xibalba out if you haven't. -Jacob Rice

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gateway To The West Fest 2012

Not anything to download, but just letting you guys know about this awesome fest in St. Louis, MO this year. The lineup is crazy stacked. I have some good friends in Free At Last and Jungle Juice playing too, so that's cool. It's only $35 and it's a 2 day fest (October 19th and 20th). Try to make it out if you can. 

Death Threat
Bitter End
Bent Life
Everything Went Black
Wrong Answer
Jungle Juice
Kicked In
Out Of Time
Free At Last
No Zodiac
Sucked Dry
Strangers Now
Only The Brave
Another Mistake
Black Ice
Ante Up
Better Days
Cold Reign

Make your way out to this, it's going to be awesome. -Tanner Caruthers

War Hungry - Self Titled

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2011

1. The Bottom
2. Broken On The Wheel
3. Shift
4. Empire Of Idols I
5. Empire Of Idols II
6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
7. Been Without Being
8. Pulse
9. Mercy Seat

Since I'm currently being bummed about not seeing them at TIHC 2012, I thought I would go ahead and post this. One of my favorite hardcore LPs. Get into it. -Tanner Caruthers

FFO: Good ass music. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Clarity - Summer EP

Genre: Emo/Punk
Year: 2012

1. Suspended From Rooftops
2. Sound | Feeling

These guys submitted their EP to me, and I can not wait until these guys release some more music. This EP is a really solid emo release. Very passionate music! They also have another release the Winter EP on their bandcamp page. Check this one out for sure!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain

Genre: Sludge
Year: 1993

1. Blank
2. Sisterfucker (Part I)
3. Shoplift
4. White Nigger
5. 30$ Bag
6. Disturbance
7. Take As Needed For Pain
8. Sisterfucker (Part II)
9. Crime Against Skin
10. Kill Your Boss
11. Who Gave Her the Roses
12. Laugh it Off

The second best album by my favorite sludge band of all time, the first best album being Dopesick which I have already posted. This was their second release. One right before Dopesick. It is a little more noisy and raw than Dopesick but it is still in every way perfect as possible. They are their same old angry as fuck selfs. You should check this one out if you liked Dopesick or just check it out because its great. -Jacob Rice

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse

Genre: Black Metal
Year: 1994

1. Intro
2. Into the Infinity of Thoughts
3. The Burning Shadows of Silence
4. Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times
5. Beyond the Great Vast Forest
6. Towards the Pantheon
7. The Majesty of the Night Sky
8. I Am the Black Wizards
9. Inno a Satana

I thought maybe I could post something I really wanted to after going through all that relinking and reuploading bullshit. So I decided to post something that I haven't posted here much but that I like, Black Metal! This album though, is in my top five black metal albums of all time. This release is just so symphonic, beautiful, and dark as fuck. If you want to get into black metal give this one a try. Its really hard not to enjoy. Also it doesn't have awful recording quality like a lot of Black Metal, some requested this too so here you go man! Thanks! -Jacob Rice

Links Fixed

You mother fuckers better love me as much as I love you guys for spending literally all day reuploading every single link on the website basically. Thank you for sticking around. I’ll upload some stuff tomorrow. Tanner might upload something today. -Jacob Rice

Monday, August 6, 2012

Technical Difficulties AKA (fuck you Mediafire)

So, Mediafire suspended my account which in turn makes pretty much every single link on this website down. I am working on getting them all back up on Zippyshare. Sorry about the inconvenience.

-Jacob Rice

EDIT: Okay fuck Zippyshare. It doesn't even upload half the time. I'm going to do it all to Mediafire again and just give it dumb file names because that works.

Take Offense - Under The Same Shadow

Genre: Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 2012

1. My Sacrifice
2. (We All Live) Under The Same Shadow
3. Serving My Time
4. T.O. Zone

Get it!

Sorry I have been gone for so long (not that anyone has noticed) but I am back. I'm a little late on some releases so we will have to play catch up but here is the most recent release from the crossover kings Take Offense. Bang your fucking head. -Tanner Caruthers

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Parasitic Skies/Losing Skin - Split

Genre: Dark Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 2012

Parasitic Skies:
1. The Void
2. The Throat of the Sleeping Sun

Losing Skin:
3. Depressor
4. Time Crawling by Me
5. Destroyer's Crown

This is a new split from two dark hardcore bands on the record label Headfirst records. Parasitic Skies brings more of a heavy straight forward dark side of hardcore to this EP while Losing Skin brings more of a darkened hardcore fused with some thrash. I am really digging this, plus these bands and this label needs some more recognition! Check them out! -Jacob Rice

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Barlow - Vol. 1

Genre: Dark Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 2012

1. Empty Justice
2. Purging Purity
3. Lost Faith
4. Guttered

This is a band from Nova Scotia that submitted their music to me, they play a dark and angry style of hardcore. They are getting near the point of crust with the style of vocals that they are doing. I'm really enjoying this, its pretty goddamn heavy. Also its rad how some of the guitar work that is being done sounds like some Converge stuff. Really melodic! Anyways, I advise to check this out. Very solid release
-Jacob Rice