Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Malon - Reverie

Genre: Screamo/Emo/Twinkle
Year: 2012

1. Happy People
2. Under a Red Sky
3. Your Invitation
4. Chrysanthemum Sonata
5. Magnolia Cacophony
6. Orchid Requiem
7. In Life Or In Reverie

Emo/Screamo band from San Diego. These guys combine the clean noodly twinkly parts of emo while still bringing the aggression and unclean parts of screamo. BUT, at times they combine the noodly parts with the aggressive screamo vocals. Its a good combination, I know thats been done before probably plenty of times but these guys do it very well. These guys aren't lacking in any departments, very good stuff right here. Very emotional, definitely enough to give you them feels. I highly advise checking these guys out.
-Jacob Rice

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