Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Old Wounds - II

Genre: Crust/Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Deviant Minds
2. Bleak
3. Wet

This is a hardcore band from New Jersey, another release from Witch Hunter Records! These dudes music is oozing of black metal and southern metal. I can't state enough how much I love both of those things. The description of the band on Bandcamp sums this up perfectly " Imagine if you took Converge's forward thinking brutality, the blackened throb of Cursed and the desperate, acidic bite of Full Of Hell and you're almost there." Definitely check these guys out 
-Jacob Rice

Also, check out Witch Hunter Records bigcartel and buy some shit and support them!

Rat Trap - Slander

Genre: Hardcore/Dark Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Emerge/Brain Rot
2. Fear Monger
3. Lockjaw
4. City of Thieves

Hardcore band from Massachusetts, These dudes submitted their music to me. I gave this stuff a listen and god damn is it heavy. Its just angry to the spilling brim. Also, they have some awesome southern parts in it and you guys know how I feel about those! Check this stuff out for sure -Jacob Rice

Monday, October 29, 2012

Limb - Demo

Genre: Sludge/Doom
Year: 2012

1. Daemoness
2. Black Rat
3. Dead Voice

Another rad release from Witch Hunter Records! These guys play some really old schoolish sounding sludge/doom mixture. At the same time though, these dudes can get really melodic and ease up on the constant sludge. Which all of this is a great combination. This Witch Hunter label has a really solid release history. Anyways, check this stuff out I really dig it. -Jacob Rice

Friday, October 26, 2012

Disasters - Demonstration

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Roses
2. Void
3. Drone
4. Distance

Awesome noisy and chaotic hardcore band from Melbourne. These dudes have some killer southern riffs in their music as well. I dig it a lot, as well as some dissonant heavy as fuck riffs. These dudes are just really heavy in general but manage to keep the whole hardcore thing going. I advise checking these guys out 
-Jacob Rice

Empty Your Lungs - EP

Genre: Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Leave It in the Past
2. Protagonist
3. Avoid the World
4. You Are Empty
5. Shadow Within (Feat. Maxim Kazimirov)

Really heavy melodic hardcore band from Kirov Russia! These dudes play stuff in the vain of Hundredth. Which I usually am kind of iffy towards but the way that these guys do it I can actually really like. I'm sure a lot of people who visit this blog will too. Check theses guys out -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Missive - Not A Minute Goes By

Genre: Hardcore/Emo/Screamo
Year: 2012

1. Brother
2. Bring to Pass
3. Figure Eight
4. Acceptance
5. The Last Man on Earth

Awesome hardcore band from Sacramento that plays a really passionate style of music. You can feel how passionate they are just by the sound of everything in the music. From the angry yet sad vocals to the very noodly harmonious guitars. Another really obvious awesome point on this release are the lyrics. Great story telling. I really enjoy this band, and glad they submitted their music! -Jacob Rice

Monday, October 22, 2012

Disma - Towards The Megalith

Genre: Death Metal/Sludge
Year: 2011

1. Chaos Apparition 
2. Chasm of Oceanus 
3. Spectral Domination 
4. Vault of Membros 
5. Purulent Quest 
6. Lost in the Burial Fog 
7. Of a Past Forlorn 
8. Towards the Megaltih

Old school death metal band from New Jersey. This was one of my favorite releases from 2011. This thing is literally one of the heaviest death metal releases i've ever heard. Its so slow and just evil. It sounds like its hollow and was recorded in a cathedral. Check this one out for sure -Jacob Rice

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tough Stuff - Beware

Genre: Emo/Punk/Skramz
Year: 2012

1. Blankets
2. I Don't Love You Anymore
3. I'll Sleep With My Eyes Open For The Next Month
4. Bad Hands
5. Missyoukindaafternotseeingyouintwoweeksloveyoustill.

Great emo band from Orange County. These guys submitted their music to me and of course everyone on this blog knows how much I love emo so it was pretty inevitable for me to like it but it helps that its really great music with lyrics that I really like and can relate to. Check this one out -Jacob Rice

Nigh - Dominion in Judgement

Genre: Death Metal/Thrash
Year: 2012

1. Dominion in Judgement

Awesome thrash influenced death metal from Texas! I advise checking these guys out, even if you like hardcore you can find something awesome in these dudes sound! Pretty heavy rad stuff. -Jacob Rice

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knife Crimes - Demo MMXII

Genre: Crust/Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. World Past Saving
2. Field of Flames
3. Heathen Reign
4. Cold Cross
5. Burnt Eden
6. Death Hymn

Crust band from Manchester! These dudes play some angry as fuck spiteful music. This release has a lot of feeling and passion in it. This stuff is for fans of Cursed, Converge, American Nightmare, Rise and Fall, and Fall of Efrafa. I really love crust so this stuff is just fantastic -Jacob Rice

Reparations - Guidance & Hallucinations

Genre: Hardcore/Dark Hardcore/Sludge
Year: 2012

1. Detain
2. Mea Vulnera
3. Nirvana Samsara
4. Split Realities
5. Smoked Generations
6. The Excuse

Sludgy hardcore band from Midlands UK. These dudes are for people fans of Desolated, Last Witness, and Brutality Will Prevail. They rip out some crushing riffs. These dudes are pretty damn heavy, really digging this stuff! -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Riddlin Kids - Hurry Up and Wait

Genre: Pop Punk
Year: 2002

1. Crazy
2. Here We Go Again
3. See The Light
4. Blind
5. I Feel Fine
6. Nowhere to Run
7. Follow Through
8. Take
9. Tina
10. OK
11. Pick Up the Pieces
12. Faithful
13. Can't Think
14. Wasted Away
15. It's the End of the World as We Know It

One of the older pop punk bands I really got into when I was younger and still am into now. Plus one of my buds Luciano who did the new artwork for the banner wanted me to up this so I am! This is a great release though and its super catchy. -Jacob Rice

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scuzbot - Scuzbot Review

Scuzbot are a pop punk band from Pennsylvania and are very hardworking in the DIY scene there and spread across the scenes to Delaware and New Jersey for about 2 years! They released their EP Shapes and Trends about a year ago (Get that here)

The album starts out with the song "People Hate Fun" which honestly starts out the album perfect! It really sets the mood for the rest of the album. With happy upbeat sounding instruments accompanied by not so positive and happy lyrics this stuff is really growing on me! I'm usually not the type who is into pop punk like this. The first song really is sending me some New Found Glory vibes. Especially at the best part in this song where it slows down and the lyrics are "So go have a bad time with all your coffee drinking friends, I know your night was shitty. I hope that mine never ends" That part is just the defining point of this song to me.

I honestly wasn't expecting some of the lyrical work these dudes have to come from them just by hearing what the actual music sounds like. Honestly the lyrics sound like they are coming from an emo record like its Algernon Cadwallader or something. Besides there are a few more silly lyrics that come from these dudes but at the same time its kind of refreshing to not be super serious all the time. Some of my favorite lyrics on this thing come from Say It Don't Spray It, Washed Up, Perfect, and Giving Up On You. As well as those are my favorite songs!

The instrumentation on this thing is pretty straight forward but why not? Because these dudes pull it off so well! I'm honestly surprised these guys aren't bigger with the sound that they put out. They can switch from super poppy stuff into some heavier break parts that there is no way you can't move to! Like I said earlier this stuff really reminds me of New Found Glory as well as some Rehasher and Less than Jake on occasion. Which I love all of those bands like no other. Then there are songs on this that remind me of more of a emo song like Send In The Clowns, that song starts out with such a fucking awesome guitar part. It sounds like it would be coming from a twinkle band or a band like Sunny Day Real Estate! Speaking of this song, this is one of the slower sadder songs on the album, I'm glad they have songs to change up the sound of the album because the first 3 songs before this one are pretty fast! Thats one thing I keep saying about this band. They are refreshing. That soft slower song continue on the album for a few more songs then picks up again.

The album ends on a half acoustic half electric track called Giving Up On You, which just as perfect as they started the album they end it just as perfect! I can't even begin to talk about how much I relate to this song. Its just about being stuck in your house while all your friends and people you love are doing things and having fun without you, but you're trying to be positive and you're trying to find what you did wrong but you're having a hard time doing it. Well thats what I got from this song, I may be wrong!

Overall this album is fucking great! It honestly moved me because a lot of these songs I can relate to with the situation i'm going through currently. The instruments as stated, fantastic. Vocals, perfect. Lyrics, love them so much. This topped their EP and my expectations of them after hearing the EP. I'm glad these dudes submitted their music to me. I am looking forward to their future endeavors. 


-Jacob Rice

Moon Bandits - Straight Thinking Means Plain Speaking

Genre: Folk Punk
Year: 2012

1. Community Love Song
2. Everyday
3. It Starts Here
4. Pedestrian
5. Wishful Thinking
6. You and Me

Fantastic folk punk band from LA. This is like the first kind of band like this that has submitted their music to me, and I really enjoy this kind of folk punk a lot because its driven on the banjo and violin and that sound just goes so good with it. Everything about this release is just awesome! -Jacob Rice

Normandy - Ruff Demos

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Clark McKinney
2. Finding A Place To Call Home
3. Long Lost Safe
4. 5:30 AM, May 4th

Melodic hardcore band from KY, these guys submitted their music to me from a referral of a band I posted earlier (Messes). The best part of these dudes are how passionate the music is, and the lyrics are very deep and are coming from a story perspective which I always like the best. Especially the song 5:30 AM, May 4th. I'm also honestly feeling some skramz influence in this as well! Check theses dudes out! -Jacob Rice

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cerce - Cerce 7"

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Mare
2. Weary
3. Choices
4. Concussion
5. Libel
6. Fornication

Probably my favorite band in hardcore right now. This band is just relentless and angry as fuck. Their lyrics are real (Feminism). There is no reason not to like this band. I feel like they've got a bit of something for everyone. They seem like really nice people as well! Anyways everybody check this out and you know you could go to their bandcamp and throw a few dollars their way! They deserve it! -Jacob Rice

Friday, October 12, 2012

Legs Like Tree Trunks - Future Reference

Genre: Emo/Math Rock/Twinkle
Year: 2012

1. Snowflake
2. Anchorage 
3. Hoods Up
5. Parked Cars

Awesome emo/math rock band from Pittsburg. These guys are similar to bands like Maps & Atlases and Algernon Cadwallader! They submitted their music to me recently and i'm falling in love with this stuff. Its remarkably good, I advise anyone to check this out. Anyone can find something appealing in this stuff. Its also so damn catchy. -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Enemy Noise - No Control, No Parade

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Forward
2. Jimmy's Got A Gun
3. Dead Like Me
4. The Forest
5. The Snake of Eden
6. From Green to Red
7. Reverse

Band from Long Beach California that submitted their music to me. Really getting a Dangers feel to the music. I dig this stuff and so should you because this stuff is great! -Jacob Rice

Tumbleweed Dealer - Death Rides Southwards

Genre: Doom/Stoner/Post-Rock
Year: 2012

1. Crawling Through Cacti
2. Death Rides Southwards

Doom/stoner band from Montreal that submitted their music to me! This stuff rules, they churn out some badass riffs. This is a definite check out. -Jacob Rice

Ma Jolie - ...Compared to Giants

Genre: Punk
Year: 2012

1. 88 mph
2. How Far is 5k
3. Let it Grow, Bro
4. No, Pennsylvania is the Reason
5. Uhh...Merica?
6. Everything!...At One Time
7. Era and the Metric System
8. Charades
9. Size 10, Nikes
10. The Shitty Beatles

Pretty solid punk band from Philly that submitted their music to me! It kind of sounds like Spraynard or something. I don't know, i'm really bad at comparing music. Either way these guys are good and you need to check them out! -Jacob Rice

Napalm Death

Album: Scum
Genre: Grindcore
Year: 1987

1. Multinational Corporations
2. Instinct of Survival
3. The Kill
4. Scum
5. a Dream
6. Polluted Minds
7. Sacrificed
8. Siege of Power
9. Control
10. Born On Your Knees
11. Human Garbage
12. You Suffer
13. Life?
14. Prison Without Walls
15. Point of No Return
16. Negative Approach
17. Success?
18. Deceiver
19. C.S.
20. Parasites
21. Pseudo Youth
22. Divine Death
23. As the Machine Rolls On
24. Common Enemy
25. Moral Crusade
26. Stigmatized
27. M.A.D.
28. Dragnet

Album: From Enslavement To Obliteration
Year: 1989

1. Evolved As One
2. It's A MAN'S World
3. Lucid Fairytale
4. Private Death
5. Impressions
6. Unchallenged Hate
7. Uncertainty Blurs The Vision
8. Cock-Rock Alienation
9. Retreat To Nowhere
10. Think For A Minute
11. Display To Me
12. From Enslavement To Obliteration
13. Blind To The Truth
14. Social Sterility
15. Emotional Suffocation
16. Practice What You Preach
17. Inconceivable
18. Worlds Apart
19. Obstinate Direction
20. Mentally Murdered
21. Sometimes
22. Make Way
23. Musclehead
24. Your Achievement
25. Dead
26. Morbid Deceiver
27. The Curse

One of the most solid grindcore bands of all time first two releases! Scum being almost one of my favorite grind cds of all time with the second one not trailing far behind. This is not one to sleep on. These guys rule. 
-Jacob Rice

Entombed - Left Hand Path

Genre: Death Metal
Year: 1990

1. Left Hand Path
2. Drowned
3. Revel In Flesh
4. When Life Has Ceased
5. Supposed To Rot
6. But Life Goes On
7. Bitter Loss
8. Morbid Devourment
9. Abnormally Deceased
10. The Truth Beyond
11. Carnal Leftovers (Bonus Track)
12. Premature Autopsy (Bonus Track)

Another awesome 1990 release. These guys are some of the kings of Swedish Death Metal. This album is just a classic album, and a necessity for any fan of Metal/Hardcore/Death Metal. -Tanner

For fans of: Nails, Black Breath

Obituary - Cause Of Death

Genre: Death Metal
Year: 1990

1. Infected
2. Body Bag
3. Chopped In Half
4. Circle Of The Tyrants
5. Dying
6. Find The Arise
7. Cause Of Death
8. Memories Remain
9. Turned Inside Out
10. Infected (Demo)
11. Memories Remain (Demo)
12. Chopped In Half (Demo)

The more I listen to this album, the better it gets. This is for sure my favorite Obituary release, and it's top notch for sure. It's so groovy. You can definitely hear a lot of hardcore influence in this album, and you can see how a lot of hardcore bands have been influenced by it. Just do yourself the favor and download this. I will most likely be putting the rest of their releases up soon, as well. -Tanner

Monday, October 8, 2012

Another review!

Hey guys, I reviewed Converge's new album All We Love We Leave Behind

Truck Month

Album: Children Without Tongues
Genre: Post Rock/Ambient
Year: 2012

1. In The Depths of Winter, I Finally Learned That Within Me There Lay An Invincible Summer
2. Das Leben, Trotz Der Absurditat, Glit Doch Lebenswert
3. La Vie, Malgre Son Absurdite, Vaut Tout De Meme La Peine D'etre Vecue

Album: I Woke Up On The Kitchen Floor In A Pool Of My Own Vomit
Year: 2012

1. Much Unhapiness Has Come Into The World Because of Bewilderment and Things Left Unsaid
2. Happiness Does Not Lie In Happiness but In The Achievement of It

This is a post rock band from my area Springfield Missouri. Its done by this guy named Alex Harris who has been in about a million bands it seems but he is going steady in a few. I've posted one, which is Flawless, but this music is a complete different style and is in the vein of stuff like Godspeed You Black Emperor! I really dig this stuff and I think people should check it out. Its calming and beautiful - Jacob Rice

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Captain and Jack - Transitions

Genre: Punk
Year: 2012

1. Wild Hogs
2. Man Hands
3. Assistant
4. Torn Ace
5. Punk Song
6. My Side Of The Story
7. Transitions (Feat. Tim Casey, Cory Castro, and Ryan Rado

Punk band from Nashville Tennessee that submitted their music to me. They are in the vein of bands like Polar Bear Club, Lifetime, and Iron Chic. In my opinion this stuff is pretty solid and definitely worth a listen so why not? Go for it. -Jacob Rice

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Final Effort - Drowned and Resurfaced

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. The Storm
2. Make My Day
3. All We Have
4. Where We'll Stand
5. Deadbeat Society
6. Raising Dust
7. Carving Names

Another melodic hardcore band from Germany. Leisnig Germany to be exact. These dudes submitted their music to me. They formed in 2008 and have been working super hard to get their music out to the public which I can respect so I might as well help as much as I can considering their music is pretty solid! Give these dudes a hand and download this and like their facebook page! -Jacob Rice

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse

Genre: Grindcore/Powerviolence/Sludge
Year: 2009

1. Timelord Zero (Chronovore)/Agorapocalypse Now
2. Timelord One (Loneliness of the Long Distance Drug Runner)
3. Dick to Mouth Resuscitation
4. Moral Distortion
5. Hung from the Rising Sun
6. First National Stem Cell and Clone
7. Question of Integrity
8. Timelord Two (Paradoxical Reaction)
9. Trauma Queen
10. White on White Crime
11. Druggernaut Jug Fuck
12. Ex-Cop
13. Flamingo Snuff

I've been listening to these guys a lot lately. I used to listen to them a bunch when I was younger. This release is so crushingly heavy and just in your face. It is one of my favorite grindcore releases to be honest. Lap Dances and Suckin Dick. Check this one out! -Jacob Rice