Sunday, April 28, 2013

Exits - Exits E.P

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Jacob's Ladder
2. Teenage Brain
3. Interlude
4. The Raven
5. I Am The Destroyer of Beauty
6. Caskets
7. Ursa Minor

Hardcore from Edmonton AB. These guys just recently had this EP released on Deathwish Records which you can pick up HERE and support them, or download it for free on their bandcamp. These guys play a very melodic style of hardcore, filled with passion and energy these guys pull off a very full and well made EP. 
Definitely check out this one! -Jacob Rice

FFO: Final Fight, Converge, Dead Swans

Shit Luck - Slow Death

Genre: Powerviolence/Crust
Year: 2013

1. Into The Chasm
2. Slow Death
3. Waste
4. Manipulate
5. Timeless Grief

Another Powerviolence band from Miami FL! This band features members of You Blew It!, You'll Live, and Super Mutant. The music is extremely noisy with tons of feedback which adds to this album with just a nonstop barrage of anger filled music. This stuff is goddamn HEAVY, love the tracks Manipulate and Timeless Grief, the breaks in those songs are so fucking rad. There is still one tape available and maybe they'll put up more, grab one! -Jacob Rice

Meth Mouth - Demo 2013

Genre: Powerviolence
Year: 2013

1. Culture Shock
2. Solidified Hate
3. Anxiety Crutch
4. Tear You Down
5. Better Off Dead//Interlude
6. Sepv//Kill Me
7. Won't Be Missed

Powerviolence band from Miama FL. Very noisy, very pissed. These dudes have some pretty heavy little break parts too which is nice and refreshing. The best part about this though for me is the lyrics. Definitely check this one out and pick up a tape if they get them back in stock! -Jacob Rice

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ad Dajjal - Ciclico

Genre: Hardcore/Crust/Sludge
Year: 2013

1. Somnolencia
2. Thysia
3. Neviim
4. Crimental

Heavy as fuck hardcore band from Chile. These dudes pump out some of the heaviest songs i've heard in a while, some of the sludgier part on this album get so angry, like Dystopia angry. As well as ripping out those heavy parts they pull off some eerie melodic parts as well that just click really well with the style they are doing. It reminds me of Brutality Will Prevail in those moments. I have no clue what the lyrics are saying, but I can bet they are dark as fuck. Also, that artwork. -Jacob Rice

Bare Your Teeth - 7"

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Still Caged
2. Locked Inside
3. Living
4. Dead Weight
5. Crutches
6. The End

Hardcore from Crossville TN. These dudes write some pissed off heavy jams and come up with some really memorable lines and riffs through out this short 7". The vocals sort of remind me of the vocalist from Pulling Teeth. Check this out, really well made stuff -Jacob Rice

Triple Crossed - Raised On Ice

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Raised On Ice
2. Vice Grip
3. Bloodgusher
4. Pure Pressure
5. Life Before Death

Hardcore from Minneapolis. Playing a modern style of hardcore with some youth crew sound, these guys pull off a solid EP. Great recording, good lyrics, and fun to listen to. This is definitely an album that gets you up and moving. -Jacob Rice


Mean And Ugly - Demo 2012

Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 2012

1. Sleepless//No Sleep
2. Poker Violence
3. Prison Art
4. Dude Abides
5. Shining Wizard
6. Plain Words
7. Dark Future

Powerviolence from Denton TX. The band name pretty much sums this one up, these dudes are pissed off and their music is heavy and fast as fuck. -Jacob Rice

Stagnant Youth - Demo 2013

Genre: Hardcore/Crust
Year: 2013

1. Deviant/Corruption
2. Invasion/Reign
3. Manhunter
4. Shameful

Hardcore from Houston TX. Stagnant Youth plays a very dirty and gritty style of hardcore, with very harsh and heavy vocals, these vocals sound very similar in my opinion to His Hero Is Gone. The music being very relentless, noisy, and just overall great. Just more and more great stuff coming from Texas! -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pelican - March Into the Sea

Genre: Doom/Drone
Year: 2005

Pelican is an instrumental band from Chicago. This is one of their older releases on Hydra Head, but they're still putting out music. If you like this LP, be sure to buy their most recent release: Ataraxia/Taraxis.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Province - Collapse/Deja Vu

Genre:Dark Hardcore/Metal

1. Deja Vu
2. Collapse

Pounding deathcore with aspects of hardcore, these guys are making waves in the UK scene. Only two tracks to offer at the moment but they are astoundingly brutal and the vocals are face melting. Definately one to watch, Download for free on their facebook! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

No Outlet - Withdrawn

Genre: Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 2013

1. Higher Power
2. Crisis
3. Vanquished
4. No Easy Way Out
5. Withdrawn

No Outlet are a hardcore band from Fort Worth Texas. I've gotten so many Texas submissions, and man Texas' scene is killing it! This band is a very thrashy style of hardcore. Spewing out these evil and wicked riffs these guys pile them ontop until it just erupts into a full sludgy breakdown. This album is just chock full of anger, and as I stated earlier it just sounds fucking evil. Check them out! -Jacob Rice

Friday, April 19, 2013

Blurry Vision - Bloodletting

Genre: Hardcore/Crust
Year: 2013

1. Sisyphus
2. Nine Years
3. Bad Blood
4. Jacob's Broken Ladder
5. Slumset
6. Prescription Religion
7. Black Hole
8. Saint Morphine
9. Untitled
10. Talk To The Trees

Blurry Vision are a Hardcore group from Austin Texas. These guys play an angry as fuck metallic hardcore style, as well as fusing some Crust, Sludge, Black Metal, and Southern Rock. The overall feeling of this album is just that these dudes are sick of everything, and you can definitely hear it in the dismal, and bitter vocals. The guitar on this thing is just heavy as FUCK, the tone he has sounds like an old sludge or stoner band. This is an angry band for angry people. Let me repeat one last time, THIS IS HEAVY -Jacob Rice

PS. Go to the dudes Bandcamp and buy the album if you like it a lot!

Loose Ends - Free Spirit

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Red Eye
2. Free Spirit
3. New Violence
4. The Long Way

Finally the new Loose Ends has arrived and WOW, was it worth the wait. This thing is packed to the brim with just pure hatred. They have took everything from their first demo and just smashed it, burned it, stomped on it, and threw it on this new release. I know a few people didn't like the first release because of the programmed drums, those are now out the window and have an actual drummer. Everything about this album is just angry, and they hate themselves and everyone else. I dig it, a lot. -Jacob Rice

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One year!

I'm a little late to realizing this but, the blog has now been running for over a year now! 600,000+ views and getting new submissions all day everyday. Never thought the blog would have got this big, so thank you everyone for the support, I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amber - Lovesaken

Genre: Screamo/Hardcore/Post Rock/Black Metal
Year: 2013

1. Kings Like Us
2. Lost
3. Silent Lies
4. Fading Away
5. Lovesaken

Amber are a post-hardcore band from Marburg Germany. They play a very epic, beautiful, and just a very somber style of music. Mixing everything from screamo that sounds like Circle Takes The Square to a very shrill and melodic Black Metal sound. Not to mention this thing is literally just chock full of dirty and badass sludge/post rock riffs. The vocals sound very full, and just hopeless which adds an ever darker feeling to this dark album. -Jacob Rice

Castaway - Living Room Sessions

Genre: Emo/Pop Punk/Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Not Yet
3. Steven
4. SAM
5. Could Be Asleep (I Hate You)
6. Concern

Emo band fromSaskatchewan. Filled to the brim with catchy melodies and energy these guys play a very appealing sound. It reminds me of bands like Daylight(Earlier material), Title Fight(Shed). Give em a listen!
-Jacob Rice

FFO: Basement, Daylight, Lifetime, Jawbreaker

Youth Choir - Demo 2013

Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 2013

1. Intro
2. Sneaux Breaux
3. W.A.A.B
4. Magazine Queen
5. For the Strength of the Youth
6. Make Bombs Not Bumper Stickers
7. Sometimes Fat Guys Don't Wear White
8. Don't Look Back in Stanger

Youth Choir are a hardcore band from Salt Lake City. These dudes play a very powerviolence influenced style of hardcore, especially the vocals being very powerviolency. This whole album is just fast, heavy, and straight to the point. No fucking around, this stuff is fun to listen to. -Jacob Rice

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Glue-Demo 2012

Genre: Crust/Punk/Slam

1. Intro
2. Peer Evaluation
3. The jokes write themselves
4. Close but No Cigar
5. No Excuse
6. Falling Apart

Fast and angry punk assault from Austin, TX. Glue plays at a tempo similar to thrash, but with slam in mind. Similar to Disorder, Dirt, or F-Minus. Some really catchy riffs on this demo with most of the lyrics encircling gender roles and other important socio-political issues. You can buy a copy of their tape here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Wrong Way never felt so right

Hello kiddies enjoying the spring weather? Well I've been enjoying the two new tracks Rotting Out has uploaded to their website/facebook, why? Because they're fucking gnarly that's why. Ever since some one handed me Street prowl a few years back I was hooked. I then saw them live when they came through my neck of the woods on tour with Bane and Naysayer. Nothing but good vibes, stage dives, and pile ons. I even got to shoot the shit with front man Walter Delgado who's a stand up dude although he was reluctant to answer my question as to why his to front teeth were missing. Any who you can listen to the two new awesome tracks as well as pre order the new LP here on their official website. Also they're on tour with Expire(yay!) and Your Demise(meh) so check out the tour dates to see if their coming to a town near you. Excited? you fuckin should be!

                                                           -Nate J

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Better Days - Good Luck Tonight

Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Year: 2012

1. X Skull Goblet X
2. Bennett
3. Cool Out, Man
4. Something To Show

Better Days are a hardcore punk band from St Louis. They play a very traditional style of hardcore, these dudes sound like they came straight from late 80s early 90s. The songs and overall instrumentals are very positive sounding, pretty much some awesome posi anthems. Fast and fun release - Jacob Rice

FFO: Gorilla Biscuits, Lifetime, Good Riddance, Grey Area

Friday, April 5, 2013

Milkshakes - Exactly Where I Need To Be

Genre: Emo/Punk
Year: 2013

1. Distant
2. Snow
3. Bleed Out
4. The Boy With The Wagon Tattoo

Emo band from Connecticut. These guys released a split with Wisdom Teeth last year around April and it absolutely blew me away and I was super excited to see what these dudes were capable of, well they released a new EP, and guess what? This EP is absolutely perfect. Catchy, filled with emotion, and good recording quality. On this release it actually sounds like they bring out a little more aggression in the vocals as well, and on the instrumental side a little more melodic and harmonious. Overall my favorite track on this thing is Bleed Out, just because of how relatable the lyrics are and how much aggression everyone in the band is letting loose on this tracks. But pretty much, this entire EP rules and you shouldn't pass this up, and you should download it right now for your own good. -Jacob Rice

No Empire - 2013

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Devil's Deed
2. Wasted Days
3. Cerberus
4. All Seeing Eye
5. Killing Kings

Hardcore from Salt Lake City. These dudes play a very heavy and aggressive style of hardcore, straight forward and to the point. Throughout this album there are little sprinkles of thrash, as well as sounding similar to a metallic hardcore band but much heavier. -Jacob Rice

FFO: Rock Bottom

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TURNSTILE-Step 2 Rhythm steps it the fuck up

     I know you're butt hurt about Trapper Under Ice announcing their lengthy hiatus.You're butt hurt I'm butt hurt every bodies butt hurt! If you were lucky enough to see TUI you're well aware of the ferocity they bring to the stage.Pile ons,stage dives,and pitts that leave you with a concussion and broken nose for sure.They are with out a doubt one the best modern hardcore bands.I for one will be sad to see them go and lets hope this hiatus doesn't become a permanent thing.But  hey not to worry though Turnstile's gotcha covered! featuring TUI's drummer Brandon Yates on vocals this bands guaranteed to fill the hole in your heart  that TUI's sure to leave.I  first stumbled upon their EP Pressure to succeed a while back and goddamn them somes tasty jamz!

     Now Turnstile's latest 7" Step 2 Rhythm well exceeds my expectations.Opening track "7" starts with a melodic riff reminiscent of Crown Of Thornz."Keep It Moving" starts off slow but quickly picks up the pace and adds some clean(er) vocals to the mix.It's not bad I like and appreciate when a singer steps out of their "scream&shout" zone especially in hardcore."Canned Heat" has to be my favorite track on this album.When he shouts "I'M GONNA BRING YOU DOWN" and the breakdown kicks in I was over come with the urge to start picking up change and punch people in the face its just that good.As you can tell by his lyrics this guy is clearly pissed off and doesn't take any shit or like to be pushed around.A lot of bands these days lack sincerity but these guys certainly don't,at only 58 seconds this song doesn't waste any time fuckin around.Short,sweet,and to the point nuff said moving along!"Pushing Me Away" keeps things goin at mid tempo and was clearly meant for 2 steppin it up any one else enjoy the "solo"?.I didn't really dig "Better way" the song kinda lost direction half way through but instrumental "Snaked",and closing track "Step To Rhythm" really bought it back around I'm still liking Yates clean vocals.All around this band just has this unique sound and the energy they bring goes unmatched.I cant wait to see these guys live and hopefully with the TUI hiatus a full length album and tour will follow.You can listen to(part of) Step 2 Rhythm at their Band camp or if your one of those weirdos who collects vinyl you can purchase it here at Reaper Records

                                                               4/5-Nate J

Monday, April 1, 2013

Merit - The Truth About The Twenties

Genre: Emo/Indie/Punk
Year: 2013

1. The Truth About The Twenties
2. American Gods
3. Interlude
4. Portland
5. I Don't Believe In You Anymore
6. We're Still Flying

Merit is a band from AZ playing bummer jams. These guys are probably my favorite band i've found from being submitted music on this blog. Their music appeals to me so much just because its so full sounding and just extremely real lyrics. From the last release, Merit has progressed extremely far. I was curious on to how they were going to top TODD II, but they really did on this. You can hear how much effort they put into this one, lots of layers and lots of polishing on the tips. There are a few tracks returning from older EPs, but they are redone, and even better. Just everything about this release is perfect to me, super excited for the future endeavors of these dudes. Please support them! -Jacob Rice

Statuette - Residual & Timeless

Genre: Hardcore/Screamo
Year: 2012

1. Colour My Insides
2. Lucid Inexpression
3. Former Fathers

Post-Hardcore band from Austin TX. These guys play a very emotion filled style of hardcore, and is brimming pretty close to screamo. Very obvious expression and passion was put into this music, with beautiful instrumental interludes leading to chaotic choruses. Check this stuff out for sure! They are recording a split soon. -Jacob Rice

Daisyhead - I Couldn't Face You

Genre: Emo/Punk
Year: 2013

1. Numbing Truth
2. Sun
3. I Couldn't Face You
4. What's Done is Done

Alternative/Emo band from Tennessee. These guys play a very simple but fantastic style of emo, super easy to get into. Some of the guitar work on this EP is really pretty. Its overall pretty good in my opinion, and these dudes need all the support they can get! Stream their EP in the link up above and buy something 
-Jacob Rice

Painted Wolves - Unholy

Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Year: 2013

1. Poisoned Words
2. Self-Appointed Prophet
3. In the Circle of Lies
4. In Urine

Painted Wolves are a hardcore band from Sweden. These guys play a very metallic style of hardcore. The instrumental parts being very Converge like, but the vocals maintaining a very raw and sometimes the vocals sound like the heavier vocals from Spazz. They as well incorporate a very traditional sound of punk in there as well. These guys play a very needed sound that hardcore needs to set themselves out from everyone else. These dudes will be touring with Comadre and Dangers in the summer -Jacob Rice

FFO: Converge, Metallic Hardcore