Friday, November 7, 2014

Meryl Streaker - Sky Burial 7" pre-order

genre: Screamo/emo-violence

label: Trends Die Records (TX)

format: 7" vinyl

pressing info:
100// clear w/ smoke
100// opaque violet
100// black

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

James Carroll - Disconnect Yourself From the Machine

genre: emo

year: 2014

1. Disconnect Yourself From The Machine (part 1)
2. Disconnect Yourself From The Machine (part 2)
3. Disconnect Yourself From The Machine (part 3)
4. Disconnect Yourself From The Machine (part 4)

favorite track: Disconnect Yourself From The Machine (part 2)

Acoustic twinkly emo isn't something you here all the time so this is an interesting listen right off the back (thou it doesn't sound like its all acoustic and contains artifical elements in certain songs). Unfortunately interesting doesn't always equal a good listen but i will go into that later, good things first. This album creates a slow dreamy atmosphere ( exception being part 2, but even that is mellow) and the almost ambient sound really creates a calm enviorment that i enjoy including soft vocals. My gripe with this release is it does get a tad bit boring thou after a while, it has my attention for a little bit but i quickly found myself slightly bored. There are changes song to song but not enough to respark my interest (part 2 is a good effort with a more upbeat sound that comes as a good re-energizer but just doesn't quite have enough). Even thou there are negative aspects its not a bad release if you are into something calm and tired of hearing the same old twinkly bands or soft spoken acoustic or ambient acts. There is a physical release through Little League Records if you are interested as well.