Friday, July 25, 2014

No Outlet - Victim of the Void

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2014

1. Annexation
2. Victim of the Void
3. Struck Down

Get it!

No Outlet are a Hardcore band from Fort Worth Texas, this is their second release (I reviewed their first release a while back, go check out that release as well HERE). On this time through No Outlet is coming through with a more heavy and memorable song structure, i'm loving parts like the end of Struck Down where everything is just switched into complete anger. This album will definitely keep your attention, it is rad riff after riff and great throughout. -Jacob Rice

PS. I hope to get back to posting once or twice a week, Sorry if this review was not so good, I am very rusty on reviewing. Definitely check No Outlet out.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nayru//Meryl Streaker Split

genre: Screamo/emo-violence 

year: 2014


1. Nayru// The Monster Inside Me Has Grown So Big
2. Nayru// God In The Wired
3. Meryl Streaker// A Call To Arms
4. Meryl Streaker// See It Through
5. Meryl Streaker// Expect Resistance 

Two screamo bands from San Diego...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Flowers Taped To Pens - S/T 7"

genre: screamo/emo


side. A
1. Anime Love Story
2. Clever Pessimistic Remarks
3. Jack SNES and Jeff Mango

side B
1. Somber Eyes
2. We Are Standing Right Now, What We Build Could Be Anything
3. The North Migration

 Flowers Taped To Pens - S/T  is available for download and 7" pre-orders are up as well.

Ten Thousand Leagues

genre: screamo

Since this band has recently become somewhat active again i decided this post was necessary. a few years ago back in my hardcore punk days i saw Ten Thousand Leagues at the Che Cafe, i remember being perplexed by the combination of melodic and punk with somebody screaming rather then the usual yelling i was used to. They were actually my first exposure to "real" screamo and i didn't even know it. TTL is one of the best in the genre and their recent reunion is very exciting, I look forward to revisiting old memories when i see them Bridgetown DIY in La Puente. If you live near Riverside/LA go see them and definitly give this band a listen.
Mark = Skr4mzl0rd


Friday, June 6, 2014

Mason Mercer - Slobber [2014]

genre: experimental/jungle/pop/tribal/bedroom

year: 2014

1. Circumcision
2. Hunger
3. Scrappy-Doo
4. Slime
5. The Water Helps

New EP from NYC's Mason Mercer (who also plays in FocusedXMinds and Free At Last). Sounds like if Sugar Ray/Smash Mouth and RATM collaborated on the soundtrack for the new Jurassic Park movie.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Meryl Streaker - Sky Burial

genre: Screamo/emo-violence

year: 2014

1. A Mile In Ed Gein's Skin Shoes
2. My Ishmael
3. Transposed Skeletal Rebirth
4. I Want To Die Wondering
5. Insignificant Steps and Shallow Breath

New album from Meryl Streaker who will be going on a west coast tour with Nayru in July.Dark  screamy stuff

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bear Creek - Sickly

genre: Lo-fi/ emo
year : 2014
1. yrs
2. bite me
3. dingus
4. april 22
5. recently deceased
6. asleep
7. breaking mirrors

Bear Creek is back once again. Deciding to take a break from dark trap project Yung Baer $quad Erik has made "Sickly". This album will allow you to bob your head more and has a more depressingly upbeat feel. But don't worry there is still sadness in droves. With tracks like and classic Bear Creek spacey dreamy feel such as the ambient creepy "april 22" and the gentle piano to dreamy fest that is known as recently deceased" actually the whole second half of album take a turn into the more slow dreary territory, this is my personal favorite part of the album ending with a throwback to the sound in "Listen To This With Your Eyes Closed". Overall different in some aspects the same in other, but good none the less.

-Conner Sgarbossa

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gauth/Bahia split

genre: Screamo

year: 2014 

1. Gauth - Apart
2. Gauth - II
3. Gauth - Buried
4. Bahia - Escenario?
5. Bahia - vengo de comulgar y estoy en extasis
6. Bahia - el ultimo dia de vacaciones

This is a rad split form two screamo bands, Gauth brings a more melodic sound to the table with strained screams almost reminding me of IWACIYYB. While Bahia brings a more emo-violency sound with instrumentals similiar to Jeromes Dream. Awesome split that i highly recommend.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Better Hope Foundation - You Can Never Go Home Again

genre: Hardcore-y

year: 2010

1. Below The Sale
2. Dissonance
3. City Laments
4. Brothers In Broken Arms

This is another band i had the pleasure of seeing live a few years ago, a random memory popped into my head a few days ago and revisited this gem. A Better Hope Foundation is a great blend of classic hardcore with more modern post-hardcore elements. Great album, listen to it.

-Conner Sgarbossa

* i will be going through the submission the next couple of days so expect more reviews, and email in submissions.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flowers Taped To Pens New Single!

genre: screamo/emo

New single "Anime Love Story" got released today off a 7" that will be released in a few weeks.