Friday, June 28, 2013

Damaged Goods - Terminal EP.

Year: 2013
Genre: Powerviolence

1. Resolutions
2. Paper Thin
3. Forced Gravity
4. Growing Pains
5. Disguised
6. Permanent Solution

New Jersey kids doing PV right. FFO: Iron Lung, Crossed Out and high school. Get into it.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Horror's That we've seen - Smokin,Skatin,Satan


1.Rot & Decay
3.Nuclear Bong
4.Catch The Witch

UK Stoner metal from Edinburgh. Released on a limited number of 100 tapes made from recycled material and hemp rope. Definate Power violence vibes here too. Check it out.


Frontline - Two Track


1.Lost (Ft. Frank Mcketchnie)
2.Down But Not Out

Havent posted any beatdown in ages, so fancied a change. Another Scottish band killing it right now : Frontline. If you live in the UK theyre supporting Nasty on their upcoming tour. Grab this for free if you're a fan of slow, heavy chuggs and breakdowns.


FocusedXMinds - Stay Focused


1.Back On Track
2.Free Your Thinking
3.I'm Not You
4.Face It
5.No Satisfaction
6.Stay Focused

Straight Edge Hardcore from Milwaukee. Short Songs with big riffs. If you like your hardcore fast and furious, youll love this.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Nibiru - The Reinvention Of Man


1. The Reinvention Of Man 
(Ch 1. Hard Focus)
(Ch 2. Pure Energy)
(Ch 3. God Mode)

A Strange yet wonderful creation from Nibiru, following up from their "Earthbreeder" Demo. One 9 minute track makes up this release, making it Incredibly hard to classify, as their are hints of so many kinds of music. but i would describe is as this: its sounds like Twitching Tongues being attacked by Basement whilst fighting off Breaking Point.
 It's really fucking good.


Bays - Immovable


1. The Jackal
2. Immovable
3. Reality Of Death
4. Foundations Hollow

I can honestly say this is one of my favourite ever hardcore records. Absolutely astonishing agression and power. Sucks so bad that these songs can no longer be heard live as bays split up to form "Survival" (Who are just as good), but they're now available for free download. give this EP a chance as Its fucking incredible. UKHC at it's finest.


Bluebird - 47516


1. 47516

More twinkly emo jams for you guys tonight, courtesy of another UK band, this time from nottinghams. only the one track again, but really special nonetheless. check these guys out and drop them a like.


Snake Eyes - Fight it Off


1.Snake Eyes (ft. Connor Neil)
3.Force Fed 
4.Fight It Off

Scottish Hardcore band playing heavy riffs with hugely agressive vocals and lyrics. if you like your hardcore modern,dark and uber tight. this is the band for you. And it's free.


No Excuse - Anger & Abstinence

Year: 2013 

1.Caught Out
2.Society Sucks
3.Right Mentality
4.Our Way
5.What Happened
6.Unchained Youth (Ft. Adam Toulmin)

Rediculously memorable and catchy tunes from Southampton's finest straight edge crew. Really strong ep with a tape now avaliable from their big cartel. Download for free on their Bandcamp


Flakes - Everything Sunny All The Time

Genre: Emo

1.Everything Sunny All The Time

It's Only a single from the glasgow 4 piece but it really is a great song. Super catchy riffs and lyrics. One to watch definitely.


Obstruct - Obstruct

Year: 2013

1. Not My Time
2. Point The Finger 
3. Disgrace
4. Obstruct

Some good old school rowdy hardcore, making waves in the UK right now. Up for free on their bandcamp. I haven't posted for a while cos ive been busy with exams ect, but ill be posting regularly again now, big love to all the people who check this blog out. 

- George

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad Mouth - Sophomore Slump

Year : 2013
Genre : Punk

1. Intro/Bad Mouth
2. Censor
3. Beat Me
4. Mess Maker
5. IQ32

 Sophomore Slump is the second album dropped by Bad Mouth. I'm pretty sure that every member of this band is younger than 18, and I'm definitely looking forward to whatever they release in the near future. A lot of the songs have a Leftover Crack, sometimes Dead Kennedys-vibe: especially "Mess Maker." Definitely give this album a listen and support some young, Midwest punks.
Hey guys, finally have this situation figured out and will be moving into the new place on the 25th. So be expecting posting very soon. Also, I am starting a compilation and will probably be releasing it on a tape so be looking out for that. A lot of awesome stuff in the future of this blog so, thank you for sticking around.

-Jacob Rice

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wraiths - EP 2012

Genre: Down-Tempo/Hardcore/Sludge
Year: 2013

1. Pyramid Head
2. Church Burner
3. Hell Ride
4. Black Vultures
5. Monolith

Down-Tempo band hailing from North-East UK. Another release from Witch Hunter Records, maybe the first down-tempo band from them(I may be wrong) but definitely a release worth getting, this album has so much energy, personality, and emotion. As well as being an album you can get down to and be a mosh wizard, these dudes rip out some balls to the wall heavy riffs and some cool ominous/melodic riffs. Pretty rad lyrics as well. These dudes sound somewhere similar to like Brutality Will Prevail(Sleep Paralysis), but sometimes not really, these guys really honestly have their own kind of sound and you should check it out.
-Jacob Rice

Koresh - Chump

Genre: Sludge/Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Straight Edge Till Midnight
2. Wogan
3. Cheer Up Glasgow
4. Bin Juice
5. Adolf Hipster
6. Shitbird
7. You Can Call Me Gaahl

Five piece sludge group from London. Release from one of my favorite labels Witch Hunter Records and this is another album that just doesn't disappoint. Witch Hunter's roster is getting better and better each day and can't wait to see what the dude does in the future. Alright well to the description of this band, these guys play a very dirty, gritty, and acid filled sludge style in the vein of bands like Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, and Acid Bath. Not only sludge though do these guys pull off, they pull off a very great bluesy style of hardcore it sounds like to me kind of like Sabertooth Zombie. The riffs in this album will annihilate you. 
-Jacob Rice

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Extract - Nuclear Demonstration

Year: 2013
Genre: Hardcore

1. Destroyer of Worlds
2. The Dear Leader
3. Heisenberg 

Jaguarz - Jungle Jamz

Year: 2003
Genre: Punk/Hardcore

1. The Fuck Back Down
2. Weak Ass Game
3. Catch Up
4. On Your Back
5. Jaguarz
6. Law Of The Jungle
7. Around

Probably the most severely underrated of the Mental-era Lockin' Out bands. FFO Stop & Think/Dumptruck.

Corkscrew - Spring Demo 2013

Year: 2013
Genre: Hardcore

1. Anxiety
2. Scum
3. No Hope
4. Itch

Submission from Lake Station, Indiana. Corkscrew is currently signed to Vault Dweller Records. Seeing as how RottenYoungEarth is based in the Midwest, we take pride in our regional bands. This band plays hardcore in a similar manner to their Midwest counterparts: Bent Life & Out of Time.