Thursday, November 22, 2012

Worldwide Powerviolence

Everybody should check out this rad powerviolence compilation that was submitted to me recently. It has a lot of cool bands from all around the world, all 20 bands that are on the compilation are EXTORTION, Water Torture, SKUFF, Damaged Goods, Super Mutant, Moral Panic, Gets Worse, Mangle, Haunted Ground, War Trauma, Mean and Ugly, Revengeance, Haruka, Frank Grimes, 466/64, World Nercosis, WTCHDR, Henry Fonda, Poda Pa. Very solid lineup if I must say so myself. I checked it out and enjoyed every second of it. 

Here is some other info about the comp!
  • $10 For a Special Edition Tape/Poster/Photo Zine (Purple Cover) (price includes shipping)
  • $7 For a Tape and Poster (Black Cover) (price includes shipping)
  • All 240 tapes were individually hand made and numbered but only 85will be sold online. First come first serve. 

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