Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Morality - No Morality


2.No Morality
4.Mental Prison
5.Stranged to myself
6.Sad Eyes
7.Dead End Path
8.The Last Laugh
9.Love to Hate
10.The Future is Ours
11.Anything But This

A European straight up hardcore record: No Morality comes charging out of amsterdam like a steam train. Make no mistake these are 11 balls out, intelligent riff filled anthems, perfect for fans of bands like Frustration,Turnstile & Bitter End. The album also features heaps of impressive metallic influence with solo's and hooks apleny. Check it.  


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dejection - Dead Earth

Genre: Metal

   2.Dead Earth
      3.Bio Diversity

Something a bit different for this post, in the form of djent/metal project "Dejection". Riffs aplenty and shit loads of technicality, and all written and recorded by a single guy too. Making the "Dead Earth" Ep an even more impressive feat of musicality.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Drawn In - Life Of Sin

Genre: Thrash/Hardcore

1.Cycle of Sickness
2.Life Of Sin

Some really impressive crossover thrash/hardcore from this band, with tapes being released on Lockdown Records. So so catchy and the vocals take this release from being really good to downright unstoppable. One of my favourite releases this year so far. FFO:Power Trip, Leeway & Earth Crisis 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dirk Frazel - Randy's Bacon

Genre: Emo
Year: 2013

1. $20 1/2 8th Club
2. Stylish But Illegal
3. Plymouth Blue Horizon

I have finally made my return, after all the setbacks I am back for good i'm fairly sure and am more than ready to start posting again and continue work on the compilation! What better to post than an emo band that I fully support for my return to the blog? Dirk Frazel is a local band from my area (Springfield, MO). I saw these dudes first show (I think) a while back at a house show that Victor Villarreal (Cap'n Jazz) and these guys really killed it. Put on quite an energetic performance. Anyways, about the music, its like a wave of instrumentation. Very raw sounding, especially the vocals, but that works extremely well with the sound these dudes are putting out. Some of this stuff is even delving into some skramz with the drawn out cathartic vocals and those clean but nasty melodic guitar parts. I am very rusty on writing about music right now so sorry if my writeups are a little shitty for a bit. This band is awesome though, support them and Drunk Dad Records. DIRK -Jacob Rice