Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ugly Lovers - Drought EP

year: 2015
genre: gloom post-punk

1. punishment
2. stress case 
3. sister
4. major arcana
5. white savior mouth

physical release:
format: cassette tape
pressing info:

Ugly lovers is a duo from Olympia, WA that delivers gloomy tracks trudging through heavy distortion and reverb combined with sludge aspects and a at times disturbing tone. the opening track on this new EP will have you bobbing your head with light atmosphere and repetitious elements before the heavy distortion and crashing of subsequent  quickly snap you out of your trance. These atmospheric songs are accompanied by vocals ranging from chanting like vocals to gut wrenching screams. All together this is a great release for those looking for modern post-punk mixed with heavy atmosphere. I highly recommend this album for those looking for something heavy gloomy and dark.