Friday, August 31, 2012

How We Are - s/t EP

Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Year: 2005

1. Diagnosed
2.The Search
3.Open Up
5.Damage Control
6. The Truth In Fucking Up

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How We Are are a now defunct melodic hardcore band from Rochester NY. They put out a self titled ep (above), A split with the Syracuse, Ny band Black SS, and one full length record called "To Teach A Hundred." After a final show in a friends fathers auto body garage in 2007, the band called it quits. Members went on to be in bands like Devotion, Not Sorry, Achilles, Soul Control, and ill say Polar Bear Club, since Chris Browne played drums for them for a little while.
How We Are, by far, are one of my favorite bands. Im posting the EP as my first post on the blog here. If anyone is interested in the rest of their material, feel free to let me know!
-Jared Johnson

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