Monday, August 20, 2012

Paul Baribeau

Genre: Folk Punk
Year: 2004

1. Tablecloth
2. I Thought I Could Find You
3. Only Babies Cry
4. Strawberry
5. Boys Like Me
6. I Miss That Band
7. Brown Brown Brown
8. Never Get To Know
9. Jordan
10. When You Go Back To College
11. Blue Eyes
12. The Pier
13. Help A Kid Out
14. Things I Don't Do

This is one of my favorite folk punk releases of all time as well as one of the saddest releases i've ever heard in my life. The song Never Get To Know will literally bring you to tears. Its just a dude with a gnarly beard and his guitar telling stories about his life. This is pretty easy to get into so I hope that everyone gives this one a listen. -Jacob Rice

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