Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cerce - Cerce 7"

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2012

1. Mare
2. Weary
3. Choices
4. Concussion
5. Libel
6. Fornication

Probably my favorite band in hardcore right now. This band is just relentless and angry as fuck. Their lyrics are real (Feminism). There is no reason not to like this band. I feel like they've got a bit of something for everyone. They seem like really nice people as well! Anyways everybody check this out and you know you could go to their bandcamp and throw a few dollars their way! They deserve it! -Jacob Rice


  1. lost me at feminism

    1. really?
      how can people be so ignorant?

      i'm a 23 years old dude who knows nothing about feminism and i still download this because i have already heard some of cerce's material and i wasn't aware they were feminist till today and i'm not going to stop being a fan because of it, just like you guys shouldn't be afraid of liking something just because of it. C'mon what year is this? do you think the lyrics are going to be like 'uughhh man suckk ughh girls hell yeah'? of course not, feminist music can mean lots of things. I mean what you guys are doing is just so dumb i can't even handle it, you guys are not going to marry the feminist chick, you're going to listen to her, not complaining but actually playing music and there's nothing wrong with it

    2. sounds like a case of the neckbeard to me might wanna get that checked out homies

  2. brilliant stuff!!!!

  3. fucking amazing jesus christ

  4. I thought I wasn't going to find this anywhere! I love you so much.