Monday, October 8, 2012

Truck Month

Album: Children Without Tongues
Genre: Post Rock/Ambient
Year: 2012

1. In The Depths of Winter, I Finally Learned That Within Me There Lay An Invincible Summer
2. Das Leben, Trotz Der Absurditat, Glit Doch Lebenswert
3. La Vie, Malgre Son Absurdite, Vaut Tout De Meme La Peine D'etre Vecue

Album: I Woke Up On The Kitchen Floor In A Pool Of My Own Vomit
Year: 2012

1. Much Unhapiness Has Come Into The World Because of Bewilderment and Things Left Unsaid
2. Happiness Does Not Lie In Happiness but In The Achievement of It

This is a post rock band from my area Springfield Missouri. Its done by this guy named Alex Harris who has been in about a million bands it seems but he is going steady in a few. I've posted one, which is Flawless, but this music is a complete different style and is in the vein of stuff like Godspeed You Black Emperor! I really dig this stuff and I think people should check it out. Its calming and beautiful - Jacob Rice

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