Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shizune - "Le Voyageur Imprudent LP

first post of 2015, after taking another break i am back, because some new stuff coming out is too good not to share... here is one - Conner

year: 2015
genre: screamo
Buy the 12": US release and UK release

Yellow / Black Mix /100 
Red /200 
Yellow /200

Shizune is a screamo band from Lonigo, Italy that has been crafting amazing releases since 2012. Their newest release "Le Voyageur Imprudent" is a 10 song masterpiece filled with driving and beautiful tracks that will grab you and not let go.
the strained screams over amazingly orchestrated instrumentals create an atmosphere that will keep you going from start to finish. With songs ranging from crashing rides like "" and multi faceted tracks like "" to a beautiful instrumental break "" this is definitely one of the best records of 2015 so far.


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