Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flanders - Holding On

Genre: rock & roll, punk, pop, 
Year: 2014
FFO: Seaweed, Hot Water Music, Superchunk, Japandroids
1. Sound Waves
2. The Force Is Strong
3. That Feeling
4. I Don't Care
5. This Town

I want my next meal cooked by the cast of Joplin MO rockers: Flanders. I have reason to believe they are all very insightful and accurate chefs. The five songs on their debut EP "Holding On" is a testament to their finesse with ingredients. "Holding On" takes the most meltable elements of rock and punk to make a sound crafted with intentional pop sensibility injections and presented with the most earnest struggles and energy of hardcore. It's a mouthful of influence but it is executed seamlessly and will leave your hair blown back by it's raging amount of spirit.  Check out the links above to enjoy some wonderful music nutrition.

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