Friday, September 5, 2014

Double Review: Fist Benders - It's Raining // Cabin Fire/ Love Is A Black Widow -split

since i havent posted in a while, here is a double review, something twinkly and something heavy

genre: twinkly emo
year: 2014

1. You'll Be Calm
2. "I Know"
3. It's Raining
4. Keystone
5. Raining For Two
6. Run Every Day
7. Grasshopper
8. I've Just Made A Fucking Mess
9. In Dog Years

FFO: Midwest Penpals, Nicknames, Tiny Moving Parts

Fist Benders release this new album around 2 weeks ago and it is amazing. A vast  over their first improvement over their first release. This album carries a youthful feel with the all the twinkles and sing screaming you could want (thou some more actual screaming would have been nice) with a slight old Modest Mouse influence. Instrumentals are great enthralling, the layered vocals create and interesting effect as well. This is DIY recorded the sound quality isn't the best but it definitly doesn't take anything away from the album in my opinion. Even is if the sound quality isnt the best and some parts are a tad bit sloppy, i feel like this album really captures a youthful feel of twinkly emo that a really enjoy and i strongly recommend this album.

genre: screamo/emo-violence
year: 2014

FFO: pg. 99, Kilgore Trout, Jeromes Dream 

This is a cool split, there isn't much to be said thou. Both bands play a dark brand of emo-violence, Cabin Fire going for more atmesphere and LIABW for a more straight forward approach. There are quite a few tracks on here as well, alot for a split. Anyways you should definitely check this split out.

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  1. hi i've been really enjoying this blog lately. been digging around and poking into old stuff as well. just want to say thanks!