Sunday, August 17, 2014

Driftwood Records

Driftwood Records is a DIY label ran out a house in Eugene Oregon. Now the logistics of a Label in the DIY music scene is a topic for a lot of debate, but thats not what i am here to talk about. Driftwood has been a large contributor to the DIY music scene doing numerous cassette tape/vinyl/ cd releases for many bands that larger labels would never take a chance on, releases include bands like Human Kitten, Flowers Taped To Pens, Wet Petals, Kill the intellectuals, Things Fall Apart, Cabin Fire, Park Jefferson, secret stuff and many many more . Thou many rumors have spread about Driftwood and individual (who is a sweetie) who runs it, You cannot deny that Driftwood has indeed helped many bands and made physical releases a more obtainable idea without pouring tons of money into buying equipment. Whether its truly DIY or not, I believe Driftwood Records is a huge ally to the DIY music scene and should definitely be supported.

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