Friday, February 28, 2014

Perpetual Motion Machine - S/T

genre: Punk (Dan will come after me if i put anything else)

year: 2013

1. eight by ten
2. ugly family portrait
3. enemies among us
4. our feral fire
5. we are not here to make friends

PMM are some good friends of mine and a amazing punk band. Now for some more detail, this self titled opens up with ambient instrumental over a sample and quickly breaks into a fast aggressive section that any fan of *cough *cough screamo will enjoy. The album is full of driving energy with strained vocals and screechy guitar. This release is really solid, they recorded it in a walk freezer at the Che Cafe and the quality is not the best. But if you can look past that there is a really great first release flowing through you ears. I highly recommend that you listen to this and keep an eye out for future releases.

-Conner Sgarbossa

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