Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ground - Under

Genre: Powerviolence


1. Deceive//Neglect
2. Dyke Spike Domestic Goddess
3. Minimal Effort
4. Combat Cocktail (F.U.B.A.R)
5. No Sympathy 
6. Dog Face Skank
7. John On the Prowl
8. This One's About...
9. Led Astray
10. Hate When You Speak
11. CUNTsumer
12. Thoughtless
13. Slave To Me 
14. Supposed To Rot (Nihilist Cover) 

14 tracks of blisteringly fast powerviolence, mixed in with slow grooves and beatdowns and everything else you could wish for in a release. Heavy, aggressive and massively underrated, make sure you check this out, its unmissable. 

-George Inman

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