Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Companion - Walk Away

Genre: Hardcore/Post Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Strangers
2. Judges
3. Sleepless
4. Walk Away
5. Question Master

Hey guys I am back and today I have decided to post Companion, which is a local band from my area Springfield Missouri. This is Companion's first release and I am enjoying it quite a bit! Companion play a emotion filled style of hardcore and all the essentials are there; melodic riffs, energetic drums, and anger filled vocals. That isn't what stands out to me most though, it has to definitely be the lyrics, they are very sincere and something that I could easily relate to and get into. The energy that the band exerts on this EP is something you would have to see live to get the full feel. Overall, I think these guys did a great job and am excited to see what these guys bring to the table into the near future.
PS. Hopefully this internet stays up and I can continue posting for you guys.

-Jacob Rice

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