Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Surrender - Golden Noose

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2013

1. Golden Noose (Featuring Kyle Roller)
2. I'm Not Sorry
3. Advocate (Featuring Hal Crossno of Blackhole)
4. Watch You Decay
5. Bothered
6. Tomb (Featuring Joe Strong)
7. Failure

Surrender are a Hardcore band from my local scene in Springfield Missouri, without a doubt my favorite hardcore band in Springfield. One of the members of this band actually helps run the site with me (Tanner). This is Surrender's new release, and man is it fantastic! Surrender plays a very dark and brooding style of hardcore, very heavy, very noisy, and sometimes even ramp up to some powerviolence speeds. Christians shrill vocals are accompanied very well by Tanners ominous and powerful riffs, as well as Zachs breakneck drum speed to his pounding break parts, and of course backed by Tylers very fat and heavy basslines. Basically this album is extremely solid, my words can't do it much justice. I advise just listening to this one and if you can support these dudes. Also, prepare to get your skull smashed by the track Advocate. 
-Jacob Rice

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