Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lay It On The Line / Arizona Split

Genre: Hardcore/Screamo
Year: 2013

Lay It On The Line;
1. Therapia Lane
2. ...And Now I Own His Washing Machine

3. I Knew A Girl At School Called Pandora, Never Got To See Her Box Though
4. I'm Not A Superhero, I'm A Latter Day Saint

Split from Lay It On The Line(UK) and Arizona(Belgium). Lay It On The Line are a hardcore band from London who play a very emotional style of hardcore, very close to screamo. They write some real shit for their lyrics, especially this time, their side of the split is about their friend Ben Gardner who had been murdered in his home. Arizona brings a more pop punk/hardcore side to this split. Pretty good songwriting as well! -Jacob Rice

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