Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Wrong Way never felt so right

Hello kiddies enjoying the spring weather? Well I've been enjoying the two new tracks Rotting Out has uploaded to their website/facebook, why? Because they're fucking gnarly that's why. Ever since some one handed me Street prowl a few years back I was hooked. I then saw them live when they came through my neck of the woods on tour with Bane and Naysayer. Nothing but good vibes, stage dives, and pile ons. I even got to shoot the shit with front man Walter Delgado who's a stand up dude although he was reluctant to answer my question as to why his to front teeth were missing. Any who you can listen to the two new awesome tracks as well as pre order the new LP here on their official website. Also they're on tour with Expire(yay!) and Your Demise(meh) so check out the tour dates to see if their coming to a town near you. Excited? you fuckin should be!

                                                           -Nate J

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