Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TURNSTILE-Step 2 Rhythm steps it the fuck up

     I know you're butt hurt about Trapper Under Ice announcing their lengthy hiatus.You're butt hurt I'm butt hurt every bodies butt hurt! If you were lucky enough to see TUI you're well aware of the ferocity they bring to the stage.Pile ons,stage dives,and pitts that leave you with a concussion and broken nose for sure.They are with out a doubt one the best modern hardcore bands.I for one will be sad to see them go and lets hope this hiatus doesn't become a permanent thing.But  hey not to worry though Turnstile's gotcha covered! featuring TUI's drummer Brandon Yates on vocals this bands guaranteed to fill the hole in your heart  that TUI's sure to leave.I  first stumbled upon their EP Pressure to succeed a while back and goddamn them somes tasty jamz!

     Now Turnstile's latest 7" Step 2 Rhythm well exceeds my expectations.Opening track "7" starts with a melodic riff reminiscent of Crown Of Thornz."Keep It Moving" starts off slow but quickly picks up the pace and adds some clean(er) vocals to the mix.It's not bad I like and appreciate when a singer steps out of their "scream&shout" zone especially in hardcore."Canned Heat" has to be my favorite track on this album.When he shouts "I'M GONNA BRING YOU DOWN" and the breakdown kicks in I was over come with the urge to start picking up change and punch people in the face its just that good.As you can tell by his lyrics this guy is clearly pissed off and doesn't take any shit or like to be pushed around.A lot of bands these days lack sincerity but these guys certainly don't,at only 58 seconds this song doesn't waste any time fuckin around.Short,sweet,and to the point nuff said moving along!"Pushing Me Away" keeps things goin at mid tempo and was clearly meant for 2 steppin it up any one else enjoy the "solo"?.I didn't really dig "Better way" the song kinda lost direction half way through but instrumental "Snaked",and closing track "Step To Rhythm" really bought it back around I'm still liking Yates clean vocals.All around this band just has this unique sound and the energy they bring goes unmatched.I cant wait to see these guys live and hopefully with the TUI hiatus a full length album and tour will follow.You can listen to(part of) Step 2 Rhythm at their Band camp or if your one of those weirdos who collects vinyl you can purchase it here at Reaper Records

                                                               4/5-Nate J


  1. There's 7 tracks on this record... not 2.

  2. yea what about the other 5 songs

  3. Here's the full 7 song file. http://www.mediafire.com/?kqt93d6xc2b0d67

  4. You are an actual idiot.