Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pianos Become The Teeth

Album: Old Pride
Genre: Screamo/Hardcore
Year: 2010


1. Filial
2. Cripples Can't Shiver
3. Quit Benefit
4. Pensive

Album: The Lack Long After
Year: 2011

1. I'll Be Damned
2. Good Times
3. Shared Bodies
4. Such Confidence
5. Liquid Courage
6. Spine
7. Sunsetting
8. I'll Get By

Glad bands like this are keeping true screamo strong, I would love to see more bands like this emerge. This is one of my favorite screamo releases of 2011 probably, I think I may put The Saddest Landscapes release before this one. But the lyricism of these albums are perfect, and easy to relate to. Try it out! -Jacob Rice

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