Monday, April 2, 2012

The Men

Album: Leave Home
Genre: Noise Rock/Hardcore/Punk
Year: 2011

1.If You Leave...
7.Shittin' With The Shah
8.Night Landing 

Album: Open Your Heart
Year: 2012

1. Turn It Around 
2. Animal 
3. Country Song 
4. Oscillation 
5. Please Don't Go Away
6. Open Your Heart
7. Candy
8. Cube
9. Presence
10. Ex-Dreams

The first cd is a little more on the hardcore side for the first half then turns into noise rock, but on that first half is one of the angriest songs i've ever heard in my life called LADOCH. Just give it a listen. But even this second LP, not as angry its just as good and thought provoking as the first. I really advise giving these two a listen! -Jacob Rice

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