Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Meryl Streaker - I've Lived Long Enough - Demo

genre: screamo

year: 2013

1. Peace and Quiet
2. Death Of A Young Planet
3. The Hardy Boys Kill A Rapist
4. Collage Portraits

Meryl Streaker is a 3 piece emoviolence band from San Diego, California. Their first Demo, I've Lived Long Enough, expresses precisely the sentiment that its title suggests. The lo-fi, 4 song barrage of rumbling feedback and piercing squeals clearly maintains an overlying theme of apathy; between the improvised vocals, particularly minimal moments, and "Sorry about that, this, uh, the thing fell off-- at like halfway through the song" that obviously suggests hasty recording. However, Meryl Streaker definitely pulled off the lo-fi. You always wish that the drums were better quality in these things, but their harsh, dense guitar tones/recordings provided a very nice atmosphere, even in the brighter emo parts, surprisingly. The multiple guitar parts layered very nicely and seamlessly, and just turned out awesome granted what they were working with. Despite the hasty feeling the recordings give off, you can certainly tell what parts were written with more care when the drums/guitars/vox align out of the chaos and just jam. Some truly groovy shit you weren't expecting during the clusterfuck just 10 seconds ago. If nothing else, please listen to "The Hardy Boys Kill a Rapist" for the stellarly-written Yamantaka 
Eye-esque vocal wobbles.


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