Sunday, December 15, 2013

Canyons / Creeper Split

genre: Hardcore

year: 2013


Canyons // 
1. Double Enchandra
2. Locations is Everything
3. Small Sprite No Ice
4. We Stay In The 40's
5. Because I Make It My Duty
6. Heatin' Up

7. Mother
8. Half Lit Life
9. Privileged
10. Drag
11. Trunk Buffet

Canyons/Creeper Split is a 11 song split, both bands play a dark style hardcore. Mixing hardcore elements with dark atmosphere and strained vocals both bands deliver that sound for those wanting more than your typical punk band. Both bands sound very similar which is a little bit disappointing because it was hard to tell one band from the other, but other than that this is a good release and worth giving a shot.

-Conner Sgarbossa

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