Friday, November 22, 2013

Machinist! - Birthright

Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Year: 2013

1. Birthright
2. They
3. Scent of Blood
4. Hood
5. Success Built On Self Hate

Machinist! have released a new EP and it is chock full of aggression, conscious lyrics, and of course very fast. Machinist! is a band from Georgia, they released an EP last year called Black List! it was one of my favorite EP's that was submitted to me that year. This time around though Machinist! is coming out balls to the wall and holding nothing back. Much more anger, more crunchy guitars, more slamming drums, and of course their politically conscious lyrics. As this album has started with the song Birthright their vocalist Jeff Hill is already throwing out lyrics like Tear down the monuments / founding fathers were frauds /
stolen flesh and continents / preaching progress as cause. The hectic feel of this album lets down absolutely none on the next track They; this track is just a flood of noise filled riffs and Jeff Hill once again firing out the lyrics They want you to believe / They want you on your knees back to back. Then ending the song with him going into a deranged ending with him repeating Obey / They. Hood is my favorite track on this EP, it begins already thrashing with Jeff barking out hate filled lyrics, the energy of this song is just very live sounding. The part near the end where the lyrics change to keep fucking / keep drinking / stop thinking / you are your enemy /, backed up with a powerful drum part and a very evil sounding guitar riff. That part is just such a good ending to this song. They wind down this album with the song Success Built On Self Hate which happens to be the longest on the album (the album is under like 6 minutes) its ends the album in the right way it should, slower, angrier, and sure as hell getting their point across with the lyrics / you're not a saint, savior, martyr, or prophet / so eat your words and pray in your closet / the tide is turning, you can't hope to stop it /
your stain will be washed away and forgotten /. This is a band you want to see live, I imagine the energy they put out on the stage is fucking awesome. Hope to see these dudes live sometime. Very solid album, check it out on November 29th on Speedowax Records.

Also check out one of the new songs on the album "Hood"

-Jacob Rice

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