Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Was Afraid - No Love

Genre: Emo/Shoegaze/Punk
Year: 2013

1. Carve
2. Strange Ceilings
3. Room
4. Sway
5. No Love
6. Care
7. Gifted 
8. Arrowhead

I Was Afraid are a band from Arkansas, and I have posted some of their releases before and in the reviews I was always saying that how I really liked the release and stuff, but this time around I Was Afraid has blown my expectations out of the water and made quite a fucking awesome album. This is one of those albums you can put on repeat and just close your eyes and zone out and just kind of feel the music and the way that it conveys its full emotion.  They play a very grunge like version of Emo on this record, which I really like because i'm a sucker for all those bands like Hum or a newer band Daylight's new album Jar. But honestly I am kind of feeling No Love a lot more, I like its personal lyrics more and I feel as if these dudes can just chock out some of the grungiest but at the same time some of the prettiest riffs. Killer drumming, you can't help but just nod your head with how these songs go. Cathartic filled vocals and lyrics, another just perfect addition to this album. My favorite song on this thing is either Sway or No Love. I blasted through this CD so fast just because I've been loving it so much. You guys should probably check this shit out, or else you're missing out. Might be my favorite submission of 2013. Thank you to all the dudes in the band for making such a great album and letting me review it. -Jacob Rice

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