Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bear Creek - Listen To This With Your Eyes Closed/ Lutitia

Genre: acoustic / lo-fi / experimental
Year: 2013


Listen To This with your Eyes closed:
1. Yelling At Mirrors
2. X's For Eyes
3. Perfect Neighborhood
4. Migraines and Renee

1. Her Ghost Staring Me In The Face
2. Paint Composer
3. Secret Spy
4. Velvet Naptime
5. Fuck Yr Friends

Alright this is a double review.. well kinda two albums by the same guy. Alright this is Bear Creek , It is the solo project of Erik Jensen and I left speechless. But i have to write a review so i will try and formulate words. I chose to do two albums because Bear Creek covers two different yet familiar sounds in each album that need to be noted. First off is "Listen To This With With You Eyes Closed" this album is mainly acoustic with slight "fuzzy" additions in the background. This album starts out with one of the saddest songs i have every heard, "Yelling at Mirrors" Literally takes my breath away. Combining a slow sad guitar riff with harmonix adding atmosphere and some amazing use of doubled vocals create a song that immediately stops my heart and takes my full attention. this album goes plays through as nice stroll through a park in the rain, "Perfect Neighborhood" takes a more upbeat turn reminiscent of the Moldy Peaches and then the album comes to  close with the dreamy  "Migraines and Renee". 

 Lutitia takes a different turn with the addition of electric instruments, drums, and a more full sound. The First track "Her Ghost Staring Me In The Face" starts off as a melodic treat before turning into a crescendo with full drums and a perfect transformation.This album gets progressively weirder as if you are walking deeper into  cavern with bright crystals everywhere. Going from the instrumental almost 8-bit "Paint Composer" to fuzzy crunchy organized chaos that is "Velvet Naptime" and coming to and end with an almost psychedelic note on "Fuck Yr Friends". These two albums are amazing adventures through an amazing mind, I highly recommend both of them as well as his other albums. 

-Conner Sgarbossa

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  1. hi! could you perhaps re-up this? i cant find it anywhere :( no youtube, no bandcamp, nothing... cant even hear it