Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scream Puff Music Video

Scream Puff is a Powerviolence band from Gainesville. They play a very traditional style of Powerviolence, quick to the point and in your face. At the same time though I can tell this band isn't all "SRSCORENOSMILES" and that they can actually have some fun and probably wouldnt doubt a few humorous things thrown into these songs. This song is called The Chronicles of Procrastinatory Nocturnal Short-Term Memory Input Explosion. Try to say that once before half the song is even over. This song is off their upcoming album 1000xRepentance. The song is just a teaser of whats to come in the future. I predict much chaos, heavy, fast, and dark. So please check out this song and give these dudes a helping hand. Their new album is maybe going to be out around sometime in January and i'm looking forward to it! -Jacob Rice


  1. mediocre grind at best. sounds more like wecamewithbrokenteeth than man is the bastard

  2. I'm not sure if my headphones are broken or that was an incredibly short Harsh Noise piece. All I heard was feedback and distorted bass.