Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meth Mouth - Bleach Bath

Genre: Powerviolence
Year: 2013

1. Nothings Shocking // Falsified Convictions
2. Violent Solution
3. N//V
4. Vicarious Struggle
5. Anarchy Illusion
6. Compelled To Hate

Second release from Meth Mouth, this is their new 7"/cassette Bleach Bath. Meth Mouth is a Straight Edge Powerviolence band from Miami, I first heard them about late April of this year with their first Demo. This 7" expands on the chaos and of course the noise. Just as mean and raw as the big daddies of powerviolence like Spazz, Failure Face, and Vaccine. The lyrics on this album are smart, aggressive, and the truth. This album screechs in about 5-7 minutes of feedback and pure aggression. Great release. -Jacob Rice

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