Monday, May 27, 2013

Messes - The Sounds Your Basement Made

Genre: Screamo/Emo
Year: 2013

1. Slumber Party
2. All of These Teeth
3. There's No Good Sharks?
4. Last Day of Summer Camp

Messes are a Screamo band from Somerset Kentucky. Last year these dudes released a EP called " This Is What We Wake Up To." and in my book it was a fantastic, and well done EP with heartfelt moments in each song that you could relate to and take comfort in and have some sort of catharsis. On this new EP they do more towards that notion even more and holy shit, this thing has turned out just so great and i'm proud of these dudes for what they did on this new EP. The lyrics are even more captivating and just strong and draw you in and give you some sort of emotion unless you're just a dead body. The overall musicianship is better. and much more technical, and has a very depressing dreary sound to it that i'm enjoying. The last song repeats the line "I Hope You Don't Quit On Me" and just really shows the whole picture of what this EP is really about. This is my first post back in a while so I thought i'd make it a big one, please listen to this and support these guys. One of the best things i've heard all year -Jacob Rice

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