Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ramlord/Condensed Flesh-Split

Genre: Blackened Crust
Year: 2011


1.Restrained (2:14)
2. Retrained (0:52)
3. Reality (2:16)
4. Relapse (1:51)

Condensed Flesh:

1. Side B (18:04)

FFO: Young and in the Way, Amebix, MDC
Ramlord is an East Coast crust band that has been gathering momentum over the past few years. The band incorporates Black Metal-like instrumental strands throughout the music, as well as influences from hardcore and powerviolence bands.

Condensed Flesh is self-described as "punx playing metal." CF uses more traditional punk influences (think Millions of Dead Cops) in their approach.

-Tucker Ross

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