Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aurora - Stepping Stones

Genre: Pop Punk/Emo
Year: 2013

1. Stepping Stones
2. Searchlight
3. Rough Gem
4. Violet

Pop punk from Boston. These dudes blend pop punk and emo very well. This album tops their last release which was released around late last year which I posted a review about, definitely check that review out and the album. Anyways I loved that album, and i'm loving this one even more. Much more of a mature sound this time around, I feel like they combined a lot more emo sound into this one as well but still keeping a modern pop punk sound. Great lyrics, great feeling and passion. I will definitely have this thing on replay for a while. Also, great acoustic track at the end of this EP Check this one out for sure. -Jacob Rice

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  1. Thanks for the review! I know and am an avid fan of the band and support their hopeful success story.