Sunday, February 10, 2013

Low Places - Black Tape

Genre: Hardcore/Black Metal/Sludge
Year: 2013

1. Side A

Last release from this awesome band out of CA. These dudes always have put out a very solid effort on their releases. Spiritual Treatment and their S/T were on replay for me for a very long time. This release is very noisy and gritty. Sad to see these dudes are ending it, but they end it on a killer release. This thing is dark as fuck. I can't really compare it to anything and don't need to. You guys know who these dudes are, get this shit now. This is being release on a very limited amount of tapes soon. -Jacob Rice


  1. Vince from Low Places just moved to Nashville. Here's his solo project:

  2. thanks for this, i like the earlier stuff a lot. (ok, maybe "like" is not the appropriate word...)