Thursday, February 28, 2013

Downpour - Cringe

Genre: Powerviolence/Crust
Year: 2013

1. The Deluge
2. Temporis Fidelis
3. Hunger
4. Hypothermia
5. Kinship
6. Maternal
7. Police Bastard(Doom)
8. Idle Hands
9. Going Home

Even more powerviolence I got from the guy in H Cough Noise. This time these dudes play a very noisy/raw crusty style of powerviolence. These dudes music is relentless and doesn't let up on you taking you for an angry furious ride. Give it a chance! -Jacob Rice

FFO: Despise You, Hatred Surge, Dropdead, His Hero Is Gone

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  1. i know these guys personally! from here in texas. it's actually a chick guitarist. sick shit.