Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bad Times Crew

Genre: Hardcore/Thrash
Year: 2012

1. Intro
2. Backslider
3. Thin Ice
4. Expectation ft. Jeff Nozaki

Year: 2012

1. Grove Street Stomp (Hostage)
2. The Manipulator (Hostage)
3. Negligible Affection (Hostage)
4. Bitter Hold (Bad Times Crew)
5. Deadbeat (Bad Times Crew)
6. Drowning Dry (Swamps)
7. Done Digging Holes (Swamps)
8. Count Me Out (True Hearted)
9. Like Father, Like Son (True Hearted)

Bad Times Crew are a hardcore band from San Jose CA. They play very aggressive hardcore that will definitely get you moving. For some reason the vocals (especially on the split) remind me of Sabertooth Zombie. But the musical aspect of it is more of a thrashy hardcore style in the vein of bands like Expire. Check this stuff out! -Jacob Rice

FFO: Expire, Swamps

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