Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aurora - Fairweather

I hadn't heard of these guys before today and apparently they are fairly new! Tim from the band submitted their music to me just recently and I gave the album a full listen. Its a well mixed blend of Pop Punk and Emo. Drawing sounds from bands such as Man Overboard, Title Fight, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Transit. The last 3 more towards the instrumental sound of this album. 

The demo starts off strong with The North Star Narratives, melodic guitars chiming in as said before in the manner of an emo song but with a pop punk drum beat, and most definite pop punk vocal style. Its very energetic. This is one of the more emo tracks on this for sure, which I really enjoy. On the lyrical side you get a story of a broken relationship or just being lost in general it seems which is always relatable. With lyrics like "and then you put up your guard just to keep me safe, and then you always criticize me for all my stupid mistakes, and to think I wasn't always there but close to the end. I turned around and realized what I was truly missing."

My favorite song on this is Little Traps. This is the strongest track on the release in my opinion. There is so much emotion in his voice already at the very beginning speaking of seeing through how much of a liar someone is and how translucent they are. Once again the instrumental part of this very much leaning on the side of emo. This song is just really catchy. I love it. You can't help but get it stuck in your head and tap your foot along with the drum part and nod your head. There is honestly a lot of emotion in this release, which is how it should be. You should put your everything into every song and I can tell these dudes are doing it in this short demo.

I only had one tiny complaint with this album. There were a few parts that used Auto-Tune and i'm not too much of a fan of that at all. Other than that this demo is absolutely awesome! I recommend it for anyone who digs pop punk and even people who are into emo could see and enjoy a lot of this album. These guys are currently working on their full length so I am looking forward to hearing that one!


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