Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Title Fight - Floral Green

Genre: Emo/Hardcore/Indie/Shoegaze/A LOT OF STUFF
Year: 2012

1. Numb, But I Still Feel It
2. Leaf
3. Like A Ritual
4. Secret Society
5. Head In The Ceiling Fan
6. Make You Cry
7. Sympathy
8. Frown
9. Calloused
10. Lefty
11. In-Between

I swear every single release gets better. I don't understand how Title Fight can get any better. This is one of the most solid bands in their type of music. I don't see how anyone can hate this. Its so fucking good. Just get this and everything else they've released. These guys are awesome live too, beyond many other things they are awesome at. Also, Lefty is god damn perfect. Anyways, get this now. -Jacob Rice

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